Sunday, January 24, 2010

Impulse buy?

V and I made a trip out to the grocery store this afternoon. They were having a good sale on a few things today only in honor of their 80th anniversary. While we were out and in that part of town we stopped at a local garden center to check out their seeds. I knew that they carried seeds from Seed Savers Exchange and wanted to see what they had.
Only a few....
I picked up a package of the Black Sea Man tomatoes. They are the one new tomato I want to try this year. I was thinking about just trying to get a plant when we make our trip to Decorah this spring but I was worried that they wouldn't have any. This way I can share some plants or seeds with others. I just think they look so cool.
I also got some seeds from Botanical Interests out of Colorado. I got some Clary Sage and Summer Savory for the herb spiral and a mix of heirloom varieties of basil (cinnamon, genovese, lemon, lime, mammoth and purple) that should be fun.
The true impulse buy was a pack of hollyhock seeds. An heirloom variety called The Watchman. They evidently are such a dark purple that they look black. And the package says that the blossoms are edible. I guess I didn't realize that hollyhocks were edible. But black flowers looked so fun.
I still need to pick up a few more herbs. Many of the perennials we are planning to pick up as plants this spring since I know that several places here in town carry locally grown herb starts.
Some of the more obscure things I want I'm likely going to have to order. I will need to check out to see if Botanical Interests has a website since it looked like they have good stuff.


  1. I love Hollihocks and got some seeds from a friend last year. They are mixed colors. Can't wait to plant them I am going to try planting them on our bank and just let them do their thing. Is the Black Sea Tomato a dark red tomato, or black? Sounds interesting. I didn't know you could eat hollihocks either. When my sister and I were small, we used the flowers to put on our dolls as skirts. They made great clothes for our little dolls!...debbie

  2. Debbie- the Black Sea Man tomatoes have a brownish green skin and a red center. I've never seen one in person but the pictures look fantastic. I can't wait to try them.

  3. I haven't been around much lately but am trying to get my google feed reader to work. I was tinkering with it tonight and I thought I would give you the link. I just mentioned the company in my latest blog post. Honestly, they are one of my favorites out there right now. Wait until you open one of the little packets. It is so much fun.

    Botanical Interests, Inc.

  4. I would have completely fallen for plants that are supposed to be black. And if you think about it, the impulsive buy might lead to the discovery of a great time. Looking forward to progress reports during the growing season :-)

  5. I too, love the black stuff! Maybe I feel like I missed out on that whole goth teenage stuff, lol! I am a sucker for those beautiful seed packages too.

  6. Judy, Thank you so much for coming by. Your kind words were most appreciated.

    I also want to add they are the prettiest seed packets I have ever seen.


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