Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I tend to be a pretty curious person.  I like finding out new things, checking facts and learning.
Yesterday, Mama Pea was blogging about having pie for breakfast.  I made a comment that it's more healthy for you than fast food.  So, I was curious.  Is that true?  So I did a little checking.  Here's what I found:
A sausage/egg muffin from a fast food restaurant
450 calories (252 from fat- 50% of your recommended allowance of saturated fats!)
930 mg of sodium (39% DV)
280 mg cholesterol (87% DV)

Apple pie (homemade) 1/8 of  9 inch pie
410 calories (19 gm fat- 24% DV)
327 mg sodium
0 cholesterol

Custard pie (sorry, they only had commercially made ones) 1/6 of an 8 inch pie
220 calories (12 gm fat- 12% DV)
252  mg sodium
35 mg cholesterol

So, you have it here- eating pie for breakfast is better for you than a fast food breakfast!  And you could even adjust your recipe to make it even better.  I sometimes make a whole wheat crust to add some extra fiber.  

Other things that have sparked my questioning mind today?  Why do the chickens stand around in a cold rain when they've got a warm, dry coop?  Why do some people think they don't need to use turn signals?
What should I take to a work potluck tomorrow?  Will I have to report for jury duty on Monday?  Will we get snow tonight?  Are the chickens just having an off couple of days or are they slowing down due to the dark days we are entering? (I only got four eggs yesterday, three today)

What have you questioned today??


  1. Pie for breakfast sounds great :-).
    My chickens have also been taking days off. No eggs a couple days ago. I think it is the "darkness factor". Mine will also stand out in the rain (I thought chickens didn't like to get wet).
    We got snow flurries here today mixed in with the rain & wind.
    The turn signal thing really bothers me too. It is like they are arrogant. Hope you have a great week!

  2. Hmmm... what is for lunch and how much do I really want to get up to make it?

    The chickens in the rain gets me do. I have concluded that chickens truly have chicken brains.

  3. Is working worth what I'm giving up? And, when will I get to see my husband again? I'd much rather think about what pie to have for breakfast! Thanks for the trivia.

  4. I wonder about that turn signal question, too. I just love the driver that turn it on as they are rounding the corner - why bother! And why do they say, "mad as a wet hen"? Mine seem to enjoy it.

  5. Barb- we missed the flurries so far- but it was 40 and raining. Blah. I'd almost (hear that ALMOST) rather have snow!
    Ali- Ho! I'm wondering what's for dinner and If I want to get up and make it- but I'm sure the children will object if I don't- we've already had one 'fend for yourself' night this week!
    Author- Good question about work- I wonder that myself sometimes!! And I can't imagine how all you military wives do it. I don't think I could stand the wait. Hugs to you and all military families out there!!
    Susan- Yup- the driver that slows to a near stop on the road, starts to turn and THEN puts on the signal- infuriating!!!

    And- yeah, I guess chickens are true bird-brains. Who knew??


  6. Bless you for your research. Hooray for pie (for breakfast or lunch or dinner) forever!

  7. Mama Pea- Anything for the promotion of pie for breakfast!!


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