Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Done and done...

I've got a confession to make.  I've been home sick for the past day and a half.  My co-workers sent me home on Monday.  Good thing because I was running a fever and had almost no voice.  So, I bundled up at home and worked on quiet things- like sewing.  I had an off and on fever all day yesterday and last night so I was still considered 'toxic' today.  Of course, I was feeling a bit better, especially by this afternoon so I managed to get a few things done.
I folded laundry that had been languishing in laundry baskets and sorted socks while watching Paula Deen use lots and lots of butter.  I finished my apron, hand stitching the facing in place.  And I finished a little something else:
The quilt block was one I had lying around.  It was a practice block for one of the children's baby quilts (I think K11's) so that tells you how old it is!  So I made a potholder.  Nothing fancy but I did use it already.  I discovered a winter squash that had developed a soft spot so decided it needed used quickly.  This lovely potholder worked wonderfully to take the pan of roasted squash out of the oven.  Hoorah.   Hmm, maybe I can whip up a few more quickly for holiday gifts.   They wouldn't take much fabric and I'm sure I've got some great scraps in the scrap bag that would make some fun ones. Ooo... the creative wheels are turning!!
I also managed to get the broom corn stalks out of the garden.  They had such massive root systems that I ended up having to use a shovel to loosen the roots.  Yeesh.  J17 owes me $ for gas money that she begged last week so I've decided to have her pay it back by helping me rake all the remaining plant material out of the garden.  I want to get it all cleared before the snow flies to remove any homes for overwintering nasty bugs.
Tomorrow, it's back to work.  Now, I've gotta go figure out what to do with a pan of roasted squash with rosemary.  Hmm, I see lunch tomorrow... and the next day....


  1. Sorry you were sick. Seems like a lot of people have the same thing! Our daughter has it today, and yesterday. I love your potholder with the red quilt design! I'm making another quilt but cant put it on here because she reads my blog. I love to sew! ...debbie

  2. Looks like you made good use of your "down" time! That is a wonderful potholder - it makes me want to learn quilting!

  3. Seems like you "worked" kinda hard while recovering from your sickiness! But I know it's hard to just lie around all day at home when you're only feeling half-bad. Hope you've knocked out whatever germies were bothering you. And you're a little farther ahead at home, too. Love that pretty potholder!

  4. I am impressed - I love the potholder and you did it while SICK? Go lay on the couch and do nothing like a real sick person now! :)


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