Monday, November 21, 2011

From the scrap box

I had a lovely day off today.  V and I went out to lunch at the Bluebird Diner in town.  What a nice change of pace.  We also stapled some plastic up over the clean out door of the chicken coop since there was a bit more draft coming in there than I wanted (and it's right under the roost).  I collected 5 eggs today, fed and watered chickens and made some chicken stock.  But mostly, I played in the scrap box working on holiday gifts.
Um... for my sister Joyce- I know you're reading... you can either stop reading here or just tell me what color combination you would like ;-)   I take requests.
Two quilted and completed:
J17 says she wants some like those...
But mostly, some squares were made.  Some with vintage fabrics:
 And one not.
I do with I hadn't used the directional fabric for the white on white.  But, it will be fine. It will look better after it's trimmed up and finished.
I discovered another box of scrap bits, I think from Mom.  Some I recognize from dresses and shirts from my childhood.  Too much fun.
I've been having fun going through boxes.  Lots of this stuff still hasn't been unpacked since we moved and I need to get myself a bit more organized.
I'm doing some serious thinking about trying to find an outlet for selling some stuff if I can get myself going on making some stuff.  I found my book on Celtic Quilts for doing celtic knot work applique on a quilt.  I've only made one in the past (a table runner) that I gave as a gift (WHY didn't I keep it for myself!!??) but it was kind of fun.  Maybe some more of that will be coming up.  We'll see what happens this winter.
The garden is officially put to bed- I even did a preliminary tilling yesterday since I wanted to eliminate any spots for overwintering nasty bugs.  I'm also rethinking some of the master plan of the future but more on that as it comes together....


  1. Those are so pretty! I really think that you could make money on these! I wish I had some pictures to show you but there are pot holders in the local co-op that are locally made. They sell them singly and for 12 dollars a pop. I don't know how much the artist gets out of that. I really hope that you do develop this into a business. You are very talented.

  2. You're making me itchy to get back in my quilt room. Sigh. Not until the living room is done though. Unless we have some sort of a break waiting for supplies. 'Course, then I should do something more like cleaning or baking stuff for the holidays. Sigh. Okay, I'm going to stop whining now and go plug in the vacuum for a quick clean-up of sawdust.

  3. I love your quilt square pot holders!! What a great idea!! How nice and neat they are!! I just finished my 5th quilt. I love to quilt! right now I'm making a Tunic Top for granddaughter Madison.

    I am having a bad time with my Blog. Blogger will not let me access to edit my header and told me my server doesn't accept Blogger any more and to use Google Chrome. I downloaded that - but it didn't help at all. Lois gave me the url to Google's support. I cannot access any of my friends posts so I have been going back in my blog and putting my friends in "favorites on my tool bar"...don't know what will happen. Right now, I have no blog....debbie

  4. I finally figured it out and am able to comment and post!! yea!! ...debbie

  5. Hi,
    Try for selling your things. They allow you to sell--homemade, vintage (20 yrs old), books of any age, and supplies for making things.

    I love the black and white potholders. Homemade potholders are just my thing to own and make.

    Etsy is cheaper and friendlier than other selling sites...not mentionion any names. The site and its participants are often featured in magazines. Homemade had a spread on them, I think. One other magazine has a regular feature about the site.

  6. Linda- thanks! I guess I never considered it a talent. $12 each- Yowza! That's amazing.
    Mama Pea- I know the feeling. This is the first I've gotten to do in about 4 years... between getting the old house ready to sell and working on this one. I've FINALLY got space and time!!
    Debbie- You've been doing amazing work for a newbie quilter. Fantastic! And I'm glad you got your Blogger problems fixed!
    Practical Parsimony- I've been looking at Etsy. I'm just worried I'd get lost in the competition. Also, before I could sell anything, I'll have to get a state sales tax permit. I need to decide if the extra $ would be worth the hassle.

  7. Your quilt square pot holders are a great idea! You do amazing work.
    I have a ton of quilt blocks hanging around, some came from estate sales, some from my Grandmothers craft room when she passed, I'm sure I'll never get made into quilts. But this looks like something I would/could do. I am enjoying you blog.


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