Monday, November 28, 2011

Been busy

I've been busy the last few days.  Plotting and planning and working to finish quilted pot holders for holiday gifts.  I need to do a recount but I think I finished my last one this evening.  Now, on to other giftiness for V.  Yup, tomorrow evening I'll start laying out the smoking jacket.  Not sure if I'll cut it out or not- I'll see how much time I've got.  I don't know if I'll be able to keep it a total secret but I'll do my best.
Oh, and I've got to tell you a great fabric store story.  While we were in line for the cutting table on Saturday, the woman behind us asked what we were using the velvet for. So I told her I had a historic pattern and was going to make a smoking jacket for my husband.  She gave me this look of disbelief and asked "WHY?"  Of course, I answered "Because I can".  But what was really going through my mind was "I'm so sorry that your spouse is boring." But I've got enough tact to filter that one.

For the 'big project' I still need to register my domain name and then maybe I'll be ready to unveil the new website- I've got something in the works but it's not public yet.  But, oh yeah, I've got to finish some stuff first.  Smoking jacket... smoking jacket...  wall quilt... table runner...

And don't panic... I do have a little experience with sewing. Not only have I been quilting for a while but I've been sewing since I was a child. I've even had the opportunity to sub-contract movie costumes in the past.  I once made 30 blue wool cavalry shirts for the movie The Rough Riders.  I do really love it but haven't had the time or space to really get going.  Now I've finally got my own, dedicated sewing room (Ok, it's also the guest bedroom but I can clean if we have guests) so I can accomplish more.  Using the dining room table for a work space is not conducive to getting anything done.  Now that construction has slowed, let's see what I can do....


  1. Ha! That is a great story :) You should have told her it was a smoking jacket to go with the velvet and lace bustier you had already made for yourself and watch her faint! :)

  2. LOL! I should have shown her the patterns we were buying- we did have a corset pattern in there!!

  3. 30 blue wool cavalry shirts?? You are one industrious seamstress, friend!

  4. Mama Pea- and I only sub-contracted for those 30 the entire order was for 100 shirts. That was back in the days when the children were young (I14 was still sleeping in a crib and K11 was only a thought), The whole house was covered in blue fuzz for months afterwards.


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