Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I need a plan

I've got some planning to do.  We will be going to my parent's next week for Thanksgiving.  I'm in charge of dessert.  ACK!  My Mom is a fabulous cook, and while I'm pretty good, I always worry that I'll somehow disappoint her when I bring something to dinner.  Absurd, I know but I'm always a bit nervous.  I want to bring something (actually probably more than one something) that's yummy and easy to transport.  I'm not too sure about pie.  While it's traditional- it's, well, traditional.
I've been looking through some magazines.  The latest edition of Vegetarian Times has a recipe for Cranberry Bars that looks fabulously yummy so it's probably a go- if only for the neon color.  But I want something else as well.  I saw a recipe for caramel pecan hand pies (I think in Food and Wine) but it uses over a pound of butter and I just don't know if I can do that.  4 entire sticks of butter in just the crust (12 servings).  It seems a bit excessive.  Especially when you add in more butter, caramel and pecans.
I've got cranberry bars but I still need to find something else. Any ideas??


  1. While I was in ALtoona this week-end, for a funeral someone had made a Apple Carmel Pie for the luncheon they had after the service.
    It was delicious, I asked for the recipe and this is what this lady gave me.
    1/2 cup sugar
    3 1/2 Tablespoon Flour
    1 t. cinnamon
    1/8 teaspoon salt
    6-7 cups apples sliced
    1 Tablespoon lemon juice
    Crumb Topping:
    1/2 cup chopped pecans
    1/4 cup carmal sundae topping.
    Mix: sugar,flour,cinnamon,salt,apples, lemon juice together.
    put into a pie shell.
    Bake 375 degrees in oven for one hour.
    After pie has been baked place pecans on top and drizzle the carmal sundae topping over the pie.
    It was really good and I'm going to make one at the next potluck we have at our church.
    Have a great day ~ ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  2. you can buy a pie shell at the grocery store.
    This lady said she used Granny Smith Apples..
    good luck with your choice. The cranberry dessert sounds delish..

  3. Wow, why would you ever feel that you could disappoint your mom with just a dessert dish? You're an adult and a good one. I doubt that she isn't thinking about your dessert when you come to see her (and if she is she shouldn't). I seriously think you are worrying too much. Now if you are trying to make something to impress her that is a different story and totally understandable but you are doing it more for your own pleasure than hers. My suggestion is make what YOU like. Make YOUR favorite. I know if I could just see my sons for Thanksgiving I could care less what they would bring IF they even brought anything. They would be enough. I bet your mom feels the same...

  4. Maybe you are a fabulous cook, too. I would go with something that is good and lots of people would like, say apple something or chocolate would work. Have you ever had chocolate pecan pie?

    Even when I first married, I never worried I would disappoint my mother with my food. She was a great cook, but she actually asked me for recipes.

    Pumpkin bread is good for Thanksgiving. It is not cloyingly sweet, so people can eat it even if they don't want a sweeter dessert. I have been making mine with sweet potatoes instead of pumpkin.

    At Christmas the dessert I always bring is chocolate pound cake and lemon curd. People expect it.

    By the way, pie is traditional because people like it!

  5. I vote for cherry pie. Nice and Tart. Nice and fat. Lots and lots of berries...debbie

  6. Pumpkin Flan is a favorite around here. A few versions are online especially if you look up Puerto Rican deserts. If you make it you have to make it with the caramelized sugar!
    A very basic recipe is
    4 eggs
    1 cup pureed pumpkin
    1 cup sugar
    1 can of evaporated milk
    Mix these really well.
    Caramelize 1 cup of sugar and pour into bottom of baking dish. Then pour in the rest.
    Steam bake on 350 until a knife comes out clean. Must be chilled to serve.
    You could use coconut cream or milk instead of evaporated milk. Some recipes add cream cheese. I add cinnamon. Check the recipes out online-from simple to more elaborate.

  7. Tiggeriffic- Mmm, that sounds delightful. I'll have to hang onto that one even if I don't make it for Thanksgiving.
    Becky- Thanks for the admonishment. I feel duly chastized ;) I'm well aware that my worries are totally absufe. I went through a time in my young adulthood where Mom was not shy about voicing her disappointment in my choices. I've always been somewhat of the black sheep of the family. Not that I'm REALLY worried that she'll be disappointed. I still have that need to 'make up' for any pain I caused her in my younger days... Yeah, I know- it's all MY garbage.
    Practical parsimony- I have had a chocolate pecan pie and they are heavenly. But I do have a child who does not like pie- unheard of! And I'm trying to steer away from anything too fatty since I worry about my Dad's health.
    Debbie- Mmm. cherry pie....
    Linda- that sounds divine. But I've got a 75 minute drive and I need something I don't have to keep cold.

  8. I make a pumpkin roll. You just have to make sure that it cools off enough before rolling it.

  9. I would make your recipe, but use half the butter. There is no was possible any recipe needs a pound of butter in the crust. You would not taste anything else. I always cut the butter in recipes and never notice its not there. A little goes a long way.

  10. I like to make pumpkin cheesecake this time of year. I just add a can of pumpkin puree to my favorite cheesecake recipe and it is fabulous. I also like to make them in muffin cups so that everyone get's their own individual serving.

  11. Phelan- ooo, pumpkin roll. Of course, I've had terrible luck with trying to roll anything in the past but it's always a possibility.
    Jane- I was thinking the same thing- or just using my usual pie crust recipe. 4 sticks of butter. ACK! But I don't think I'm going to go with that one- the rest of the recipe looked really complicated and the 'time required' was over 4 hours. No, thanks.
    wisegoat acres- I LOVE cheesecake!! I made a pumpkin maple cheesecake a couple of years ago but was a bit disappointed in it.
    I'm actually looking at a recipe I saw on the Food Network while I was sick. Mini Pecan Pumpkin Pies. You make them in mini muffin tins so they are bite sized. It looks easy and yummy. Kind of like pie but with a twist. But I like all of your ideas too.

  12. Just a suggestion, but you might want to try Almond-Cranberry Cake. I wrote a post on it, a couple bloggers tried it and called it a hit. It seems seasonal with the cranberries and looks really good. If you go to my "Search" box way down on my right hand side bar and enter "Almond-Cranberry Cake" it should take you right to that post. It wouldn't have to be refrigerated for the trip on Thanksgiving and it could easily be made the day before so no rush.

  13. Mama Pea- I'll check it out. And if not for Thanksgiving- maybe just for us!!


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