Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's definitely winter!

We got the winter storm they were predicting.  It's hard to tell how much snow we've gotten because it is fine, powdery stuff that is blowing all over the place in the 25 mph winds.  I saw one estimate that we got about 5 inches.  And it's still snowing... and COLD!
What a change.  We went from near record highs in the lower 50's yesterday to a high of 15 today.  Man, I'm not acclimated to this kind of weather.  But, you know, the walk from the hospital to downtown to catch my bus this afternoon was almost pleasant.  Oh, it was 14 and snowing and blowing and slippery to walk but invigorating at the same time.  Finally, it seems like winter.

Sadly, V emailed me at work that we've got trouble with the chicken coop.  It seems that with the fine, blowing snow we've had snow blowing in through the roof vents and onto part of the roost.  NOT good.  He shoved crumpled up plastic bags up into the vent holes over the roost as a temporary fix but I'm worried.  He wants to plastic over the outside of three of the vents (we've got 4 roof vents (you know, the kind that are supposed to NOT have snow or rain blow into them) for the rest of the winter but I'm concerned that it won't be enough ventilation to let out moisture- especially now that we've not only got chicken moisture but will have melted snow as well.  My thought was to wrap a few bits of my floating row covers over the vents and weight it down with bricks.  I figure that it should be enough to stop the snow blowing in but still allow ventilation.
It's supposed to be warm again on Monday (back into the 40's but with rain).  Maybe I'll see if I can get rid of some of the most wet bedding- or maybe just add in extra fresh stuff.  It was pretty dark today when I got out there but it didn't look like that much snow.  But still, 8 eggs today. What troopers.

And V didn't even try to let the hens out today.  It was just too nasty.  I know I wouldn't have wanted to be out today.


  1. We have had the same weather, and the same problem with my coop today. The darn wind is just going in every direction and forcing the snow into every nook and cranny :(.
    I hope you can get yours sealed up!

  2. Corinne- Ugh! I hope you get yours sealed as well. We had snow before (well, not much) and it wasn't a problem. It's that darn wind. And it just cuts through you, coat or not. Brrrr....

  3. While I'm obviously not close to you, we got that darn wind on Tuesday..It was AWFUL. I almost lost my second child in that wind.. No joke - she blew about4 feet from me..

    Hope you get your coop issues sorted out..

  4. When I moved to Iowa (July 96 - April 98), we gave the state a nick-name all our own! Flyowa, Because the wind seemed to never stop blowing. Have to admit that the laundry dried pretty fast when hung outside.
    Here in N.C. today was 65, with a light breeze. But for the next two days, its suppose to be 45 and sunny! 2012 is starting out to be another strange, weather year!

  5. Yep. We are in the same storm system. Yesterday 52 and sunny. Kelly, Madison and I went to the movies to see "We Bought A Zoo" and when we came out! wow! Snowing,and freezing cold!! It's 20 out there now and snow is blowing all over the place. Looks like one huge snow globe. I'm staying in for sure. ...debbie

  6. Jenn- that wind was AWFUL! And combined with the snow it was doubly evil. The coop seems much better today. No more snow blowing in. We're going to wait until it warms to try something new with the roof vents.
    Tom- it does seem that we have lots of wind. Our house is on the top of a hill so it seems even more windy and exposed. We've been considering a wind turbine for the property. There are actually proposed wind farms not far from us, we've got such an ample 'supply' of wind.
    Debbie- The 45+ drop in temperature seems just unfair. And we've been so spoiled with the nice weather that this seems even worse than usual- even though I know it's "normal" for this time of year.



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