Thursday, January 5, 2012

Photos from a record day

Yup, we had a record setting day here today.  We reached 56 degrees this afternoon.  The old record here was 54 so, while these temps aren't unheard of, they are quite unusual.  It made me itch to get into the garden but I KNOW there is still lots of winter left.
But, I promised photos.  I had to wait until my camera battery charged before I could take any photos. I do think my poor old camera is on it's last legs.  I can't zoom more than half way or it triggers a shutdown, the view screen is getting 'foggy' at the edge and the battery isn't holding a charge.  Of course, the poor thing is 5 or 6 years and has been heavily used and abused in it's lifetime.  But, oh yeah, the photos:
 K11 using stone tools while doing something with a stick.  It was warm enough to be outside in shirt sleeves and I declared a 'mandatory outside frolic' after the children got home from school this afternoon.
V and I took advantage of the warm weather to do some work outside. In the chicken coop, V worked to make the clean out door a bit more weather tight and I raked up bedding and added new.
 That's Zoey in the nest.  We got 9 eggs today!  Not bad from 10 hens in January!!  The only one not laying at the moment is River- we haven't had a blue egg for a couple of weeks so she's evidently taking a break.
Some of the next bit is actually yesterday's work. I cheated a bit and rearranged the sewing room even though I still have button holes and hemming to do on V's shirt.  But I couldn't wait to get my hands on the serger.  Now, I've got a great workstation set up:
 I organized my fabric stash into plastic storage tubs under the table. One box for J17's fabric, one for quilting fabrics, one for garment materials and one for miscellaneous bits that didn't fit in the other boxes.  My 30 year old singer machine is set up on top of the dresser that holds my batik and hand dyed fabrics (out of sight to the right in the above photo).  J17 has been using that machine to work on some projects of her own.  And, as you notice, the room isn't finished yet.  We ran out of drywall when we were working on it last time and haven't cleared everything out again since we got a new batch of drywall delivered.  Oh well, it's insulated, wired and lighted.  What more do I need?
And here is my new baby:
I was trying it out with bits of scrap fabric today, trying to learn the ins and outs.  I've been working my way through the manual but have yet to watch the instructional DVD that came with it.  Maybe tomorrow.
I've been working my way through my to-do list.  I'm down to only two more things on my list and it's only Thursday!  One thing (sob, sob, sigh) is to sort through my seeds and make a list for ordering, the other is to organize my seed starting stuff and do a general clean up of that area.  My lighted shelves have become a catch all over the summer and fall and need to be cleaned off before seed starting time arrives.  I know I've got plenty of time to do this but it's one more thing to get done while I've got time.


  1. I like your sewing area and your new serger looks so complicated!! lol I'd like to make a sewing area because it's a mess in the dining room. Only good place is upstairs in Kelly's old room, but it's so far away from down here. I can't make myself do it....Your little black and white hen is so pretty...debbie

  2. I'm loving the warm weather that we are having here too.. I'm a little scared though that it's going to be so darn cold for two straight months to make up for the mild temps.

    Your sewing room is so clean. I'm a tad envious. :) That and I can't sew lol

  3. Love your sewing area, everything is within reach! I had to laugh at the boy "doing something with a stick".... that pretty much sums up boys, doesn't it? LOL...

  4. Debbie- you may want to take advantage of that room. I'm having a blast with my new set up. I'm way down in a back corner of the basement but it's SO worth it to have space where I don't have to clear up everything when we want to eat.
    Jenn- LOL! The sewing area is only clean because I just rearranged and organized... give me a few days!
    Erin- Boys and sticks- yup, they go together. For the sewing area, I had to move furniture around to get it to work. At least I didn't have to ask V to move a light switch for me ;) I figured out how to make it fit without that drastic of a measure.


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