Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Think good thoughts

Just a quick update while I'm on my lunch break.  V has his job interview this afternoon at 3pm central time.  Send some positive thoughts this way- especially since J17 got an accpetance letter for a small, private college she would love to attend- if we can figure out how to afford it (and that's with the college offering her a scholarship that would cover a little over half of tuition). 
If V doesn't get this job- I'd better get sewing!


  1. They will be beaming his way from upstate NY!

  2. Good thoughts and prayers for you all are on the way for SW Wyoming.. :)

    Take care Janet W

  3. Thanks for the positive thoughts. They are much appreciated!

  4. Hope V gets the job and your daughter goes to where she wants to go the most!...debbie


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