Wednesday, January 11, 2012


This weather we're having is totally wacky!  Today it was 54 degrees!  And now tonight we've got a winter weather advisory with a storm coming.  Maybe Winter will finally arrive.  The temps have begun to drop and the wind is picking up.  Depending on who you listen to, we will get anywhere from 1-2 to 4-6 inches.  I think that it will do what it will do and there isn't anything we can do to stop it.
My seed order arrived today from Baker Creek:
 Aren't they pretty??  But, they made a mistake with my order.  I ordered plain, old, cheap hot hungarian wax peppers.  And they sent me these:
 Black Hungarians.  Ooo....  more black food.  These are much more unusual and pricey than the ones I ordered.  They look like a black jalapeno and the plants have purple flowers.  Too Cool! Maybe a replacement for Eric will be found.  I'm trying to decide if I want to bother letting them know they made a mistake. Not that I really care.  I've got a couple of old seeds left of HHWax peppers in the stash.  I may just want to let this one slide...
And with my seed order I also got myself a treat:
 Their new book!  When you order it from them (rather than getting it through another retailer) not only do you get an autographed copy, you get a free subscription to The Heirloom Gardener magazine.  Too much fun.  Now I've got some new reading material for the winter ;-)

And lastly, for something totally silly.  A photo of V from Saturday evening when he was the DM for our family D&D game:
Smoking jacket and an antique fez he picked up at a thrift store many years ago.   CLASSIC!


  1. WOW! your seeds sure did arrive in lightning speed!! What good service. The packaging sure is pretty! and the book looks interesting too...but V takes the prize in this post in his D&D outfit!!! lol...debbie

  2. I love Baker Creek, but I've never got a surprise in my order. Those look awesome and I bet that plant will be beautiful.

    Enjoy that book and your new subscription.

  3. Awesome photo of V:)
    Did you get the snow over by you? We have alot of it drifting everywhere...yup, winter is here.

    Nice seeds. I must get on that soon!

  4. As I read this, your weather tracker in the side bar says 13*!! I think you got winter! LOL!!

    I think I'd let that order slip up slide right on by! Those peppers look yummy! I've always heard that BC has the prettiest packaging. I've gotten their catalog in the past, but never ordered from them. Do tell us more about the book when you read it!

    I got the garden planners in the mail!!! Thank you soooo much!!!!

  5. Oh that photo is priceless LOL! He is definitely rocking' the new jacket! AND WHERE IS MY BAKER CREEK CATALOG?? LOL, I'm tired of waiting, I need to visit the site and order one I guess :)

  6. You've reminded me I need to get a few seeds ordered soon, too.

    I see V is putting that red smoking jacket to good use! And with that fez . . . whatta guy!

    Our temp is dropping rapidly . . . 9 now with one heckuva wind howling! Brrrr!

  7. Debbie- last year they sent their seeds in about the same time frame and included a note apologizing for the delay! And, yes, V does take the prize. He was quite pleased with himself.
    Mandy- I haven't gotten a surprise from them before either. Probably just someone having an off day.
    Linda- he does clean up nice, doesn't he?! We definitely got snow but I can't tell how much because it's drifting so much. The roads are awful!
    Jenna- It got a couple of degrees warmer than the 13. But not much. I do think I'm going to let the order mistake slide. I'm always up for a new type of pepper! And I'll definitely post on the book. I've flipped through and it looks interesting. And it's got the drool-worthy photos they use in the catalog.
    Glad the package arrived :-)
    Erin- get on that catalog! That is definitely the best garden porn out there. Even V looks at the Baker Creek catalog. And, yes, that photo is priceless!
    Mama Pea- glad you're up and commenting. I can handle the snow and cold but that wind... Brrrrrr!
    I personally LOVE the fez. He picked it up years ago. I think it's got a 1920something date in it and someone's name. Too cool. It's an actual Shriner Fez. Ooooo...



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