Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday Tales

Ok, not really many tales to tell.  Yesterday was a holiday for me as well as a no-school day for the children so we once again ended up with 9 teens in our basement for the afternoon playing D&D.  They were a bit loud but generally well behaved, as usual.  There was laundry done and household stuff accomplished but nothing too exciting.
Today, it was back to school and work as normal.  But a few tidbits...
It snowed again.  The roads were pretty slick this morning but they have cleared off nicely by now.  And it's COLD again.  The high of the day was this morning and the temp has been slowly dropping all day.  We're down to about 15F and it should get even colder overnight.  Brrr...  Of course, that's probably tropical for some of you true northerners but with the warm weather we've been having this winter, even though these are normal temps, it seems really cold.
V has a job interview sometime next week!  Woot!!  For an associate writer position with the Department of Psychiatry at the hospital.  He doesn't have a firm time yet but I'll be sure to keep you posted.  Cross your fingers-  A 'real' job would be so much less stressful than the freelancing he's been doing.  Of course, it would take him away from the house during the day but we've done that stint before.
Chickens are doing well.  Since it was snowy, windy and cold V didn't let them out of the coop- not that they would have gone out into the snow anyway- the ninnies.  But they got lots of squash guts and peels from the kitchen this morning and some corn later this afternoon to keep them warm overnight.  And even with all this cold and snow, still 6 eggs today. I'm not complaining.
With the colder weather I've been seeing more eagles lately. It's fun to walk from the hospital to downtown.  I cross the river near where there is almost always open water due to the roller dam under the bridge.   There are usually Bald Eagles cruising around or sitting in the trees.   I'm always amazed at how many people walk by and don't even notice them.  But I think they are just magnificent!  Our property is even close enough to the river (as the eagle flies) that they come circling over the meadow, catching the thermals off the highway.  We've also got a HUGE hawk of some sort (haven't been able to get a good enough look to tell what kind), the usual Red Tailed hawks and a Great Horned Owl around so we've definitely got the aerial predators covered.
I'm hoping to finish the novel I'm reading tonight.  I've got other things I want to read but I want to finish this one first. It's a fun sci-fi romp- nothing too heavy but it seems to be taking me forever to finish it... probably because I tend to fall asleep when I sit down to read.  Oops.....
I also really need to finish the shirt I'm making for V.  It has been finished except for some topstitching, button holes and hemming for a whole week and I just can't seem to find the time to finish it.  I've decided that my Mondays off are to be my sewing days but yesterday was just too chaotic. And having worked Saturday, it didn't feel like a typical Monday anyway.  But, since I worked Saturday I've got Friday off (as well as next Monday for my usual day off) so I've got a 4 day weekend to hopefully finish this project and start another.
Now, I've got to get dinner going- I've been avoiding things around the house while I did a big of blog hopping but J17 has her violin lesson tonight and I do need to feed her before she goes.  It's burrito night tonight so it's nothing too strenuous at least.


  1. Sending best wishes for V's interview to go really, really well!

  2. He just found out that it will be on Tuesday the 24th at 3pm so all positive thoughts are appreciated.


  3. I can't seem to stay awake to read anymore either, maybe I'm just opening the book too late in the evening... I know it just CAN"T be because I'm getting older LOL! Positive thoughts and prayers for V's interview, there is definitely something to be said for regular hours and less stress on finding new projects on your own!


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