Friday, April 17, 2009

Everything is set...

Everything is in place for Monday.  The insurance rider has been faxed to the bank, the gas/electric company has been notified and will change the service on Monday- they are even going to come out Monday afternoon and replace the meter with one that automatically reads remotely.  We have steeled ourselves for the onslaught.  
We have a few things to pick up this weekend in preparation.  We will get a new tie out line for the dog since we will be taking him out with us while we work.  I don't trust him to stay put so we will tie him up but we hope to get a zip line set between the house and the pole building to let him run.  With the house on a state highway I don't want him running amok.
Monday will be the big ordering day.  We will arrange for the well and septic repairs, order attic insulation and my new gas range (the first one) and range hood.  J14 said that it is a sexy range.  I don't know that I would call it sexy but I really like it.
I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed today.  The reality of how much there is to do is setting in.  I've got my to-do list.  I've accomplished almost everything on today's list.  Now, we are going to unwind a bit.  We've got lots of downed limbs that we've been collecting over the winter.  It's still warm (60's) outside so we are going to light a fire in the fire pit outside and relax by the fire.  Tomorrow and Sunday have their lists of things to accomplish.  We'll see if I have time to blog.  We're planning to have the van and car both packed with supplies so all we need to do Monday morning after signing is to come home, change clothes and start to work.  Monday seems so far away- but I know it will come all too quickly.


  1. By Monday morning you guys will be dead tired & sore!! What are you going to do first in inside the house? Do you have to paint? Congrats on your closing Monday. Hope everything goes smoothly. Sounds like you have things well thought out and under control!!...debbie

  2. I hope your energy remains as high as it was the first day you started until the day it is finally done! That is my wish for you. :)

    Please don't forget pictures!

  3. Oh, I'm so excited for you! I'm guessing Sunday night you won't sleep much.....
    Don't forget pictures!!

  4. It's all coming together :-) Busy for sure, but wow, well worth it, right? You seem to have a clear plan of attach, so that always helps. Have you been able to get more help for the actual move?

  5. Living the Dream with is
    busy...but exciting getting all the ducks in a row, organizing,planning & preparing.... it is life in the tha happening....exciting.....I look forward to when it is our turn....well at least I hope we get a turn...looking for a simpler life too....on the hunt for it...Enjoy the process....

  6. Judy - that definitely IS a sexy range! :)


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