Wednesday, April 22, 2009

House- Day 3: Working outside

Another busy day has gone by.  We started off with a trip to the home improvement store for materials to vent the roof.  There is almost no ventilation which we think is helping to contribute to the moisture problems we see in the house.  Putting in ridge and soffit vents is something we have done in other homes so it isn't new to us.  I started working in the garden space raking off some of the plant debris.  I'm all for tilling some in but there is a bit much for that.  I really need to get tilling soon,  Roger stopped in to visit today and asked when I would be done with his tiller.  I've only got it till the weekend so I need to get moving on that.  But, I got sidetracked after lunch.  We were up on the ladders, taking down the gutters so we can see how much damage there is to the fascia and soffits.  
This is the inside corner on the northwest side of the house and is definitely the worst part.  We will end up replacing almost all of the fascia boards here (about 40 linear feet) and ventilating the soffits as we go.  We have until Saturday to get it done since it may rain over the weekend again and we need downspouts. 
When the children got home, we did our version of an Earth Day celebration (not that we wouldn't have done it anyway- we try to live it everyday).  We have been talking that all that expanse by the creek needs a weeping willow tree.  We found a 5 foot sapling willow for $15 (we got the last one they had left!) and planted it down in the lowland.  

Not only does the land cry out for a willow but we're hoping that since they drink lots of water, as the tree gets older it will help dry out that area a little faster.  And yes, I know it will take many years to be the majestic tree I have in my mind
J14 has found what she has claimed as 'her tree'.  Obviously she is exhausted from the work of walking the dog while we planted.   I'm not sure what kind of tree it is.  I'm going to have fun with my tree identification book (yes, I'm the kind of nerd that has tree, wildflower and bird books) when things start leafing out.  We've got, I think, a red osier dogwood in the yard, something that is going to burst out blooming (don't know what), possibly wild cherries and crab apples.  Not really sure of anything but the lilac, peonies and hostas at this point though. What an adventure!!!  Tomorrow I REALLY need to remember sunscreen! 


  1. Just caught up on day 1, 2, 3. So happy to see it all worked out. Lovely land and go got some fencing with the deal I see. Look forward to reading more about your projects. Happy tilling!

  2. Great View of the new House! Love the Barn. I love Willows, just something about them that is homey.
    Hope you get all your work done before the rain. I love J14's big tree. I too, have all your same books and the same ones in the Mountain House. Can't be without them right?!...debbie

  3. Wow, Judy, you're really moving right along. Quit!! You're making ME look lazy!!
    Seriously though, sounds like a lot of fun. Enjoy!

  4. Love that new Willow!

    Like you I have big dreams for the trees that I have planted here. Unlike you though I am still stuck in the suburbs while you are truly living your dream. I will continue to live vicariously through you if that is OK for now?

    Happy Earth day my friend! :)

  5. Wow, that's a lot of work done in only a few days :-) How do you ventilate the roof? Is it tearing out parts and propping up what is left? Cutting holes? (I am clearly challenged in the home fixing department...)
    And planting the willow tree, that will be something to watch through the years I'm sure.... going through identification books for plants, trees, birds.... that works for me too as a fellow nerdy type!

  6. Love the willow - and in 6 years it will be HUGE (our neighbors planted one the summer Tyler was born - and it's really big now). You're moving right along...

  7. I think J14's tree is a silver maple but I'm the kind of tree id'ist that really needs leaves to know for sure.

  8. Love the creek!

    (O, and I am definitely that kind of nerd too!!)

  9. I forgot I wanted to add a hint on the tree: look at the branching pattern. Is it opposite branching or alternative!!

    (I let you and J14 have the fun of Iding!)

  10. Looks lovely! How exciting for all of you! Here's to a fine summer loaded with lots of strawberries!

  11. So much to do but I know you're enjoying it too. Good idea with the willow tree. If your a nerd than so am I. I haven't yet identified everything in our woods but if I remember to take the book with me, it would help. :-)

  12. Oh, I love willow trees! My lady and I have plans to plant a few overlooking our pond (the pond that doesn't exist yet!).


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