Thursday, April 23, 2009

House- Day 4: Late start

We got a late start today but still managed to get quite a bit accomplished.  We both slept like logs last night but had things to do this morning before we headed out to the house.  I needed to run to the grocery store and V had to write a post for the blog he works for.  We did spend time this morning out there measuring and marking.  We figured out where the kitchen island would go and marked the ceiling for the range hood and lighting.  The lights are downspot task lights that we are going to salvage out of the basement (there are 19 down spotlights in the basement!)
Speaking of salvaging:  K9 got his own wall to demolish (well, at least to knock chunks out of the drywall)
Look how he handles that hammer!
It's a good thing I called this morning and arranged for the delivery of this:
Our very own construction dumpster!
We discovered that the wall that K was demolishing had been infested by mice they had burrowed through the insulation behind the drywall.  Below is a picture of what they left behind.  
We didn't let K take down anything past the drywall after we discovered mice.
You can see where they tunneled down the wall into a chamber in the insulation.  A lot of what is on the wall is mildew that was behind the plastic, not just mouse s*!%
We also discovered, much to our dismay, that the idiot owner before us used treated lumber to frame some of the walls!!! What was he thinking!!!
Please disregard the stylish work boots with capris...
But, I did manage to get the garden tilled. at least the first time.  I only tilled the first few inches, since there was so much organic material.  I'm going to need to rake some of it off (again) and re-till deeper.
Here it is in it's glory!!
I didn't finish until nearly dark but the first part is done.  26 by 85 feet.  I wanted to go longer but there is too much erosion at one end that the previous owners tried to solve by dumping rocks in the area and they got knocked all over. That end is also partially shaded by a small grove of maples but I may plant my black raspberries there.  They seem to thrive in the semi-shade where we have them now


  1. If I lived a tad closer I'd come help! lol It's amazing how much you got done today even with the late start. The dumpster will sure come in handy - hope the neighbors don't decide to help fill it. That's what happened to us once - then we hardly had room for all our junk. Making good progress!!...debbie

  2. What a beautiful area, you have to work with. It looks great!

  3. Yipes, the mice are stubborn. I'm glad you made such good headway on the fields, are you going to fertilize them?

  4. Yay, that garden looks great! Sorry to hear about the further mice infestations....sounds like you guys definitely have your work cut out for you with all the tasks on hand to fix the place up!

  5. The garden looks great! Oh the mice can be buggars but hopefully with you in and around there all the time, they'll head on to greener pastures:)

  6. LOOK at that GARDEN! Whoo Hooo! You are getting so much done so fast! Good for you! And personally, I'm known for wearing muck boots with shorts, so capris & boots look fine by me. :D

  7. That garden spot is just droolworthy, plain and simple.


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