Thursday, April 30, 2009

What's blooming at my house

I took a break from life's duties to stop and smell the flowers.  We've worked so hard on this place over the years.  It makes me almost regret moving.


  1. Your flowers are beautiful!! I can almost smell them myself! Hey!!!! Your going to dig up all those flowers and take them to the new house aren't you??!! You should!!!
    They really are pretty, they just don't last long enough. Although, mine lasted a lot longer this year...debbie

  2. Very pretty. And I'm quite sure , as hard as you guys are working, that the new place will make you forget all about the old one.
    Have a super weekend.

  3. :-) Do you have plans for flowers at your new house? They are beautiful, I'm glad you were able to take a breather and enjoy them - well deserved.

  4. Gorgeous!

    Some of those are probably not feasible for digging up, but cuttings for rootings should do fine. And those tulips! Definitely take those!

    You are, aren't you?

    And I know how you feel. When I get transferred in the Military, I'm often leaving behind a place that I've transformed and it is bittersweet.

  5. We plan on moving some of the bluebells and hope to take starts of each of the 3 varieties of lilacs we have at our current house. I'm also taking with me (not pictured) my black and golden raspberries, some of my herbs from the herb garden, a prairie coneflower and possibly some of the day lillies. I'm not sure how feasible it is to move the tulips. I actually dug and rebedded then all- and added some new ones- last fall in hopes that we would be showing the house this spring. I don't think there are any tulips at the new house but they don't get planted until fall anyway so I've got time to figure out where to put them.
    I'm hoping to move the raspberries this weekend.

  6. I can so relate! I mowed the grass at my little cottage house I own in the city (bought prior to marriage and move to country). All of the perennials and herbs I planted are doing so well. I planted a tiny, almost dead, bought-on-clearance Japanese maple & now it is large and beautiful. So is the apple tree that was suppose to be a flowering crabtree. I could almost envision living there again!!

    But you will love your new place and all the openness outside the town living. You'll find new reasons to love where you are.

  7. Beautiful flowers! I can almost smell them. =) *hugs* Take some of your bulbs with you, helps with the transition.

  8. Lovely tulips, and I know just what you mean about getting attached to a place. If we ever move from here, (which is really my ultimate dream because I am so drawn to the pacific northwest), I will be very sad to leave our garden. I have planted every plant here, and there will always be a special place in my heart for each and every one.

  9. So beautiful. I would try and take a few with you, but leave some.


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