Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Planting and a quandry

I finally got into the garden this afternoon!  We went out to Roger's house and planted a 25 foot row of peas and one of All Blue potatoes.  It was so great to get out and work in the dirt again.  J14 helped dig the trench for the potatoes and the boys threw dirt clods at each other.
But now, the problem.  While hoeing the row for the peas I uncovered a nest of baby bunnies- a mere 6 inches from where I wanted to plant my row.  I actually almost hoed them.  The nest was in a bunch of dried grass in a furrow. Thinking that it was just a bunch of dried grass, I was going to work it in. I took the top off and saw fur.  OOPS!  Inside were three tiny baby bunnies. The kids were fascinated.  I didn't let them touch them and we used sticks to reposition the grass back on top of them.  I hate having baby bunnies in my garden since they're going to become big bunnies and eat my peas but I also don't have the heart to just kill them- especially with the kids there.  It could be that since the nest has been disturbed that mama bunny won't come back.   We'll have to see what happens.
In house news- we sent a letter to the owners requesting  financial assistance to fix the septic and bring the well up to code.  For some reason, they want 5 days to make their decision.  That has me worried.  I'm really bad about turning things all around in my mind and ruminating on all the things that could go wrong, wondering why they need that much time, worrying about their motives, all that mental garbage.  As a result, I haven't been sleeping well which makes everything more difficult during the day.  I hope that being out in the garden today will help me sleep better tonight.
We will be spending Easter Sunday with my parents.  We weren't able to go down last weekend for my Mom's birthday so I'll have to take her gift of seedlings down to her.  I also want to check out her reported stash of canning jars that she isn't using any more.


  1. Baby bunnies are so cute! I'm glad you left them there. They might just grow up & move away :-)
    I wouldn't be too worried about them wanting 5 days to think it over. I think anyone would. It's a lot of money & a sale at stake. Hope it all works out. I want to see the pics of your kids playing there.

  2. Baby bunnies! Very hard to hurt them. Did you know mom bunnies only have to nurse the kits once a day! I bet with you guys working so near by that they don't make it. We are expecting a litter this weekend from our little meat bunny!!

  3. Baby bunnies.. My hubby was taught at an early age not to name the bunnies because they were either dinner or not around any more.

    I hope you get the septic thing figured out.

    And again, I'm so jealous of the gardening.. We have seeds started inside but won't be able to plant for at least 5 weeks.. Grr.

  4. Must have felt good to get out in the garden with everything else going on. I'm glad you left the bunnies too, though I wish there was a way to "relocate" them so you could have the garden peas/veg too!.
    5 days, well, it might just mean they are thinking whether to pay you the money, do the work themselves, lower the price, etc..... hang in there.

  5. 5 days is pretty standard. Usually it is that long so the owner has options on getting a second opinion or to have an expert look at any reports you may have given. Not to worry yet!

    I sure hope they knock a bunch off the price or do a cash-back for you and the sale continues!

    Bunnies, hard one. I have 2 wild bunnies that live in my yard but they don't touch the garden for some reason. Maybe I have too many delicious weeds in the wetlands area or something. Glad you let them be but with the hoe-ing in the area, the Mom may feel too threatened to come back anyway.

  6. I have a fence around my garden to stop bunnies from eating the greens and reproducing among the intended planting rows.

    I'm guessing the five days is for a second opinion to see if your price is too high.

    Good luck on both.


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