Saturday, April 18, 2009

Getting ready

Peppers and eggplant
The seedlings are doing well under their lights.  They're getting big.  I'm hoping to be able to rig up some sort of a temporary cold frame out at the new house but we'll see how much time I have for such things.  They may have to live under the lights for a while longer.
In other news,  my brother dropped off some boxes for us this morning:
Yowza!  This is only a portion of what he's got.  They had been planning to move as well, but their deal fell through, so they are letting us use the boxes that they have been collecting.  I've already been collecting boxes and we have a bunch in the garage.  This stack makes the reality even more evident.  We'll probably store at least some of them out at the acreage for when they are ready to move.  
I'm in the middle of laundry and mending.  This afternoon will be the first of probably many trips to home improvement stores in the next few weeks.  We're thinking we want to reframe and put in a new front door.  The only door in the house wider than 32 inches is the walkout in the basement. We need a wider door to get our refrigerator in and I'm not really interested in hauling it up the basement stairs.  The door that is there now is ugly and old and opens the wrong way- that is, the light switch is on the hinge side of the door so when you open it you have to go around the door to turn on the lights.  One more thing to add onto the list...sigh.


  1. Lucky one you are to get all those boxes - they were the biggest hurdle for me to find when I moved last year. I've got to wonder, who one earth would want to hang the door so the light is on the hinge side??? Gack. Your seedlings look like they are doing well under the lights. My eggplant seedlings are outside today in the nice weather - they'll be migrating for a while, but maybe your weather will pick up enough for you to leave them on a porch or so when you get to the new house?

  2. How exciting... moving... I envy you!

    I lied. I hate to move. :)
    But I am glad you have this adventure ahead... can't wait to live vicariously. (meaning without the hassle of packing)

    Peace out. (ps. i missed 'me' too. thanks for the kind words)

  3. Nice looking seedlings. Happy packing!

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  5. Your seedlings look great but as I recall they are a bit older than mine. Didn't they come up right around the 10th? I won't despair for a couple more weeks. LOL

    If you need help of any sort, let me know.

  6. When I bought our fixer upper five years ago, I looked forward to the trips to the home improvement store. Now five years later, I wish I had bought stock in it first.

  7. I always felt the worst part of moving was trying to FIND boxes. Lucky score from your brother. Good luck with all!

  8. The boxes send shivers down my spine! DH and I figured that we had moved 12 times in 6 years (the life of a college student!) and I am so dreading doing if again. We used to fit everything we owned into a minivan :)
    Good Luck!

  9. Hey, today's the day! Good luck with the closing!

  10. The seedlings look great! I wish mine looked so good. What type of lights are you using? I hate to move but being in a new house is always so exciting! Looks like you have plenty of boxes!


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