Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday 2009

Not much going on here.  Seedlings are doing well and growing madly under the lights.  Final count-  54 tomatoes (8 varieties), 26 peppers (at least 6 varieties- I have several that are from a pack of 'mixed hot peppers' so who knows!) 5 eggplant and 4 tomatillos.  I have one more space in the flat and I have a few more tomatillo seedlings that I haven't totally given up on so I may plant one more to round it out.  I'm a bit OCD and having an open space bugs me.  
We should hear back no later than tomorrow if the owners will play nice and help with the cost of repairs but even if they don't I don't think that it's enough to stop us from going through with it at this point.
I've got seedlings to plant, more peas to get into the ground, strawberries in my fridge drawer and more fruit on the way.  I need space.  
I had a rough day at work.  It was very busy and I was dealing with people trying to pick up the pieces of their lives that have been a slow motion train wreck.  It was draining.  And it's going to be a long weekend.  Tomorrow morning I need to be at church to help set up for the Easter breakfast.  It is the big fund raiser for the high school youth and since they are planning to go to New Orleans for the national youth gathering this summer, the more money raised, the better.  J14 and I will go early Sunday morning to help cook and serve but we need to leave by at latest 845 since we are going down to my parent's for Easter service and lunch. Another weekend 'lost' when I have so much to do.
But now...It's pumpkin time-  I'm going to become rather vegetal.  The fireworks bandits struck again at 310 this morning so I've been awake since then. I'm planning to get the boys to bed, have a drink and watch some mindless television (actually I will pretend to watch TV and most likely fall asleep on the couch). After all...Tomorrow is another day....


  1. Sorry to hear about the work stress.... with all you have going on (house and otherwise) its not something you need. Hope you hear soon about the repairs. Enjoy this weekend, even though it sounds like a busy one.
    Almost forgot, how are your eggplant looking? I am a bit obsessive, I know, but I transplanted mine to larger pots yesterday (got their first pair of "real" leaves) and am trying to figure out how these small seedlings will actually bear fruit!

  2. That is an amazing number of plants! Wow! I'm really impressed. What kind of weights do you get out of that many tomato plants? I'm very curious.

  3. Wow 54 tomatoes that is a huge number. I really like the idea of a mixed hot peppers. Then I could save the seeds from the ones that grow and taste the best to me.

  4. Localzone- My eggplants are doing well. They have 4 or 5 leaves at this point- I haven't counted. It is so amazing that such little things produce so much. They will grow much sturdier when they are out in the ground.
    Christy- I've never weighed my tomatoes but I plan to start doing that this year. Last year was a bad year for us due to the flooding but the year before that Roger and I planted probably that many tomatoes. I canned 40 quarts of sauce and 20 pints of diced tomatoes. Roger canned at least as many. So they produce a lot. I'm actually kind of excited to do the weights this year. In the past, sharing a garden, we would pick at different times so it's hard to tell how much it actually produced.
    Daphne- Thanks for stopping in. I'm curious about the mixed peppers as well. I'm hoping for a cayenne or a habanero since I didn't plant any of those this year. So far I know that I have jalapeno, anaheim chili, paprika, hot hungarian wax, multi colors of bell peppers and then the mystery hot peppers.


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