Thursday, April 23, 2009

Miscellaneous photos from the week

The dog checks out the new house.
The seedlings arrive at their new home.
Isn't that beautiful soil!
Deer damage
Yes, it's a pile of horse manure.  Left behind by the previous owners, now well rotted.
Moving hosta plants that were near the well.  They would have been destroyed when it is serviced/repaired


  1. I sure do miss that soil. Now I have sand.....but I still have the deer damage. Looks like a wonderful place. Hope you're taking time to enjoy it!! All work , and no play...........

  2. :-) What are hosta plants? The dog looks happy at the new home...

  3. I'm sorry I haven't been posting or commenting much lately. Really busy with my Mom's issues. A geriatric psychiatrist is interviewing her at her house on Monday, which is sure to be interesting.

    But I have been avidly reading as you bid on the house and won it! It is so wonderful to have watched you guys decide to move, find a house, and move it into. In the next year or three, I hope that we will get to do something similar.

  4. The house and land look awesome! I thought it would be so much more...well, bedraggled...looking from the initial descriptions.

    That soil is beautiful and love the bonus horse poo!

  5. Sue- we make sure to take time each day to wander around- it helps remember why we took on such a project with the house.
    Localzone- Hostas are foliage plants (well, I guess they flower but they're grown mostly for their leaves. They thrive in shady/partly shady areas. They die back each year then shoot up from the roots again.
    The dog is slowly adjusting, at least he doesn't wander around wimpering anymore. But at the end of the day he is more ready to get in the van and go home than we are.
    Matriarchy- glad you stopped in, I hope all goes well with your mother. I worked for years on a geri-psych inpatient unit. I hope you get to live your dream soon as well.
    Christy- don't let the looks fool you. The previous owners spent lots of money having the floors professionally refinished but let a lot of other things go. The house is seriously in need of an overhaul.
    The soil is lovely and there are 2 other piles of horse poo around the back of the barn. Yippie!!


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