Tuesday, April 21, 2009

House- Day 2: Homesteading

We survived day 2.  It was cold and WINDY this morning.  So I spent some time waiting for it to warm up a bit and got the first coat of paint on K-9's room.  He really wanted to paint it red but after I told him no, he picked a sunshine yellow color. 
K's room
I was about 2/3 finished painting when my parents showed up.  They were on their way through town to visit my uncle (Mom's brother) who is hospitalized with cardiac problems.  They got the tour and dropped off a few 'housewarming presents':  paint rollers, a step ladder, a new set of screwdrivers, a tape measure and a few others.  They also brought a dorm sized fridge that they are letting us borrow until we move.  It will be nice to be able to leave some sandwich makings there and not have to pack our lunches everyday.  I've also been cooking dinner out there for the past two nights and have to pack everything with us.
My parents stayed for lunch (they brought their own) and then I got busy really homesteading.
I was busting sod!!!  Just like the pioneers.
Sod cleared off the strawberry bed.
Man, what a chore!!!  Then it had to be dug and planted.  But I got it done.  YEAH!!!!
Newly bedded strawberries, they had already begun to grow in the box!
After dinner, V and J14 went just 2 miles down the road to her violin lesson and the boys and I picked up rocks from the meadow and went for a walk on the property.  So, here is your gratuitous  beautiful sunset landscape:
Boys at the creek, of course... they're boys.
It's been a full day and I'm weary.  Hopefully tomorrow I can get part of the garden tilled but we'll see.  I got my strawberries planted and that was my first priority.  
Now, we just have to think up a name for our soon to be new home.


  1. What great pictures - you are moving right along! Have a great week working on your new house!

  2. Another good days work put in - I bet you are BEAT! You make me feel quite lazy. I am shamed of myself after reading your blog and some others who farm. Beautiful property. I bet you can't wait to move in. You can call it "The Mouse House"...lol just kiddin'...debbie

  3. You are all making such a fast start, I imagine I'd still be wandering the land and trying to find my way about it all. I love sunshine yellow, my kitchen and the family room connected to it are both that color. Glad your strawberry plants made it to the new place, they look like they are well settled in. Are you living at your "old" house until the new one is ready (more or less ready, I mean)?

  4. LOL...I LOVE the color he picked. Really. My ENTIRE downstairs is that color!! So cheerful in the endless winters of Michigan!

  5. My input for the name of the place based on that last picture would be Rolling Meadow.

  6. What a beautiful setting. It must give you goosebumps just realizing it's your new home- does the creek run all year? I guess you will find out soon enough.

  7. I really do love that color and have been trying to get a yellow that isn't offensive for the bathroom. What is the color for that? I really would like to know the color and number if possible!

  8. Hi Judy - how fun! Congratulations on it all. This is great. LOVE the new photo header.

  9. Thanks all for the comments. It has been fun and just a bit surreal. Sometimes working in the house it gets a bit overwhelming. Then we take a walk around outside and realize why we are here.
    Ed- I like rolling meadows. We'll take it under consideration. We had thought maybe Prairie Sky Farm but it isn't really a prairie.
    Christy- the paint is by Olympic- the color is Sunbeam and the number is A12-3

  10. It doesn't take much to sew prairie grasses so perhaps you can turn it into one. Big bluestem intersewn with native wildflowers is one of my favorites


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