Sunday, May 3, 2009

200 posts!

Wow!  It seems like only last week that I started this little exercise.  Today marks 200 posts!  My goodness, how time flies when you're having fun!  So much has happened in the months since I started.  The adventure continues.
Today we got a late start out at the house.  We all slept in and were moving rather slowly this morning.  After a late breakfast and a trip to the home center, we all trundled out to the house to work.  My parents surprised us by showing up later in the afternoon to help (and to bring fresh cut asparagus from their garden- YUM!)
V finished getting as much concrete as he can safely remove from the well slab.  He is worried that breaking up the rest of the slab will drop pieces of concrete onto the pressure tank and we definitely don't want to damage that!  My Dad supervised while V worked and the children all helped move wheelbarrows of debris to a dumping pile.  V hopes to use the chunks of concrete for constructing dams in the creek to make some catchment pools to slow the erosion.
My Dad also helped me pound in the fence posts for the peas that my Mom and I finally got planted.  I have some earlier ones planted at Roger's house but these were the first things that we planted at the new place.  I also got all my onions planted (100 each of white, yellow and red) as well as chard, beets, lettuce, radishes and my broccoli seedlings.
Having my parents come help was great but it did really drive home that they are getting old (they are both in their 80s now).  My Mom had to take a break after planting a bit and my Dad was winded after hammering in the fence posts for me.  It really made me rather melancholy.  But the weather was beautiful and I finally got something planted.  My Dad helped me identify that we have a mulberry tree in the yard and Mom agreed with me that it looks like the apple was cut off at the ground and came up from the roots.
I also went the way of industrial ag this afternoon and wandered around with a sprayer of Round Up.  I know, I know... there are better, less damaging ways of killing weeds but we have SO MANY stinging nettles, thistles and poison hemlock plants growing that I wanted to really get them quickly.  There are nettles growing in the fence line around the garden and I keep running into them when I'm working.  Don't worry, there are still plenty if we want to  make tea.  I only worked around the garden edge and behind the barn where the hemlock was really thick.  I don't want the dog accidentally munching on something that poisonous.  I'm actually surprised that the previous owners didn't do something about it since they had horses.
Tomorrow it's back to work.  It should be really interesting.  We are starting with a brand new computer system for documentation that went live on Saturday. Hopefully they have gotten the kinks worked out of it by tomorrow.  It will probably be a very stressful day trying to get used to the new system so I just hope it isn't too busy.   I've got plenty on my plate with out work throwing me a curve.  


  1. You're so lucky to have nettles...yes, lucky! They are indicative of rich soil. What I wouldn't give to have them here. Where you have nettle growing is the best soil ever. That's why its usually found near rivers and creeks-lots of nutrients! So, in a way...enjoy!

  2. Congrats on your 200th post! Found your blog through ChristyACB's site and I love it! You are living my someday dream...I am from southern Minnesota and can't wait to get back someday. We have been in VA a long time due to the military but have managed to turn a half-acre into a mini homestead while we wait for our turn in the country. I read your posts about leaving the other place you worked so hard on, I can relate...I often worry already about leaving our current place that we have rehabbed and worked so hard on, but the tradeoff will be great someday to get out of suburbia. Best wishes to your family on your ongoing projects!

  3. Ummm.....I just sprayed 3 sprayer fulls of roundup last night......yes, there are better stuff, but.....the weeds are taking over in some spots and it's just easier. Glad to see you are moving right along...

  4. I know what you mean about realizing that age has overcome your parents. Sometimes it's not noticable until they come up against something that really taxes them. I see it in my mom sometimes and feel sad. I'll be there so day too I guess. Sounds like your garden is coming along. Poor hubby still struggling with that concrete I see. Hope work goes smoothly for you tomorrow...debbie

  5. Yay! Erin found you through my blog! That is very gratifying and another reason I LOVE those "following" lists. I have found so many wonderful web corners that way.

    Congrats on 200! May you have many thousands more before you're sick of us. ;)

    I hear you on the parents issue. It strikes me hard when I have those moments. Even moreso when I consider that I'm only 21 years younger than my Mom!

    Super congrats on getting so much planted! And don't feel bad about the roundup. From what we've seen and heard you say, much of what needs doing is getting things growin where they should rather than all over. If you have nettles, they'll come back and maybe you can train them where you want them. I have them too and while they are yummy, they are also painful!

  6. I second that, Christy..I am only 19 years younger than my mom - gulp! I too have trouble watching my parents age, it is so more pronounced since I only see them about twice a year when we get leave. I am an "older mom" with 2 boys ages 6 & 4 and when I think that when my mom was my age, I was already in the NAVY....WOW! Growing old is tough...

  7. I am just a little envious that you are out planting in the ground already.

    Our rule of thumb here in Alberta is Mother's a few more days to go and I can plant my sweet peas, peas, beans and cucmbers!

    Love your blog!

  8. I'm happy for you that you got to plant something! I'm sure it felt great and with your Mom and Dad helping that made it even better. You all are getting so much work done in such a short time. You'll be moved in before you know it.

  9. I felt the way your felt about your parents when my Dad was here. He is getting older too, and it makes me sad to see him slow down even though I know it is inevitable. I am so with you on all the emotions of this one! :(


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