Thursday, May 28, 2009

Too tired for words...

It's been an exhausting 2 days.  I've been painting up a storm between packing and trips to the house to work there. I did have about 45 minutes to work in my garden this afternoon and got my super secret tomatoes planted and got some weeding done.
I11 works on stripping old linoleum in the upstairs bath.
My iris out at the farm are beautiful- weedy, but beautiful.
The track for the lights in the kitchen.
The new range hood got hung today but I forgot my camera- of course.
K9 and his teacher after the play.
K played Tom Snout.  Here he is being a chink in the wall.
Here is where I spent my morning.  
I'll confess, in the 15 years we have lived here, we have never painted the living room until now.  This staircase is the main reason.  The wall from the living room blends into the stairwell wall and there is an open stairwell about 18 feet in the air. NOT a pretty place to paint!
Ah, it's a dog's life, guarding the drop cloth.  It makes a great pillow.

Well, I've got 3 more days to get this place into shape.  I've got the dining room and the boy's bedroom left to paint as well as the woodwork upstairs on the landing.  I think I can have the main floor and second floor ready to shop but the basement is still a disaster area and there is no way it can be ready unless V takes time out from working on the new place to help.  He is also supposed to help me fix the bad siding board on our detached garage so it can be painted as well.


  1. You're almost there, hang in a bit longer :-) With everyone helping, you'll make it.

  2. Judy, you're doing fantastic. You've got great kids, helping out the way they do. Best to you!

  3. I11 looks like he is working hard. Your floor looks like what we had in our kitchen when we built the house - It's now covered with tile.
    I hope you get your house painted by the weekend - We need to do some painting here. JUST THINK!! You'll be in the farm house before you know it and it will all seem like a big ...debbie

  4. I'm so happy to hear from you that even though it has been five years since we painted our living room that I can put it off for another ten years!

  5. I've a place like that in my house that will be very difficult to paint.

    I think you are doing an amazing job. It won't be much longer,now.


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