Saturday, May 9, 2009

The week in photos

It's been a busy week here at the new homestead.  We were out working all afternoon.  I took the children shopping for new shoes this morning.  When both boys' shoes were held together with duct tape- it must be time.  But we have gotten a lot accomplished this week. Here are a few highlights.
Things got planted in the garden!!!
The floor- mouse central, ground zero.  ICK!!!
J14 learns the way of the power tools.....
One of the last walls comes down in the basement. 
Oh my!  The weeds are coming up thick in the garden!!!
V finished the wall to fill the 'door' to the well pit. We can now drink the water!!!
Our new toy- er, tool! Delivered on Tuesday.
The lilacs are in full bloom here.
And our dumpster is nearly full!!!
Thanks to all for your support over the week.  It really does help. It's great to know that so many people our there are rooting for us to succeed.  
I wish for all of you Moms to have a Happy Mother's Day!  May it be filled with love and laughter.


  1. Your lilacs are gorgeous. Hope you've had time to cut a bunch for in the house.
    What a busy week! Happy Happy Mother's Day Judy!

  2. Happy Mothers Day!!! From your posts, I can tell you have amazing children, and it shows how much you have accomplished. The lilacs are beautiful, one of my fav blossoms. Enjoy :-)

  3. Happy Mother's Day! Looks like you have enough to keep you busy until next Mother's Day! I have a couple of pictures of children next to electrical boxes to from remodeling, lol. One time we removed a wall and there was electrical cabling (totally dead) hanging down about 4 feet above my son's crib...almost gave my visiting mother a heart attack on the spot. My husband wanted to pretend he didn't understand what was so dangerous about it but I couldn't stop laughing! I ended up telling her it wasn't connected to anything up in the attic, lol.


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