Monday, May 25, 2009

Independence Days- take 2: week 4

Okay.  I'm tired.  And it's only Monday... I've got all week to work yet.  Actually I shouldn't complain- today wasn't as bad as late Saturday and yesterday.  I did work on Saturday but when I finished up at work, V picked me up and we all went out and started digging to back fill the well pit.  We also have been packing like mad and taking both vehicles full out to the new house every trip.  Sunday afternoon I worked to get the entire dining/living room space painted. Man, it is a huge space when you're working to paint it.  The previous owners, in their infinite wisdom painted nearly every room in the house. Unfortunately, they didn't paint all the way to the ceiling- they only painted as far as you can reach without a ladder so the top foot and a half wasn't painted and you could see the roller marks on the wall.  So we're painting- not only to cover the bad painting job but also to add some color.  The floors are beautiful but everything else is SO white. Not even shades of white- just white.  Today we were hoping to finish filling the pit but we got rained out.  I did manage to get several boxes of kitchen stuff unpacked and the boys  unpacked a bunch of their toys. V got the rest of the upstairs bathroom demolished and we got the new sink base fit into place.  We can't fully install it until we get the drywall on the walls but at least it's there.  
My parents are coming up tomorrow to help us again.  I think they're expecting to paint so I need to make sure I have things here ready to start painting upstairs- either the woodwork or the walls in the boys' room.  
But now down to Monday business and my IDC update.
1. Plant something- nope, I need to get my beans and sweet corn planted and my garden is an absolutely weedy mess.  
2.  Harvest something- a few chives and the first tiny radishes.  I noticed this afternoon that my lettuce is getting almost big enough to start picking a few leaves.  It really took off with the warm weather.
3.  Preserve something- No.
4. Reduce waste- the usuals: cloth bags, compost and recycle.  Plus we are repurposing one of the sink bases from the basement for our upstairs bathroom remodel.  
5.  Prep and storage- Ummm, Not sure.  Right now we are so focused on getting this move underway and still trying to fix up two houses that I don't have much time for anything else.   I did manage to pull together all my collection of candles and pack them into one box for the move.  I've also been able to sort through my collection of plastic containers.  And I discovered a stash of party plates that I'd forgotten about. I've been looking over my kitchen and pantry storage spaces and trying to figure out where things will go.  I've got so much more storage than I'm used to that I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it all... but, oh, the possibilities....
6.  Community food systems.  No- I didn't manage to get to the farmer's market.  But I did find out from my brother (who dropped off more boxes for us today) that he has a bunch of 'super secret tomato seedlings' and he will give me a few.
7.  Eat the food- I've hardly been shopping all week.  We've been eating out of stores except for milk, eggs and cheese.  I still need to sit down and figure out the week's menu so I have a clue what I'm doing.


  1. Judy, I sure wish I could find that source of energy you have. I'm still struggling to get the new part of the garden up and ready before my June 1 delivery of berries. Ack.
    I don't believe I've ever seen or heard of painting a wall only as far as you can reach. That's gotta be a sight!
    Have a great week. And if you can spare the help,........

  2. I'm exhausted for some reason too, and even though the long weekend did a lot to refresh me mentally, it feels like physically I'm tired already.
    Super-secret seedlings, those sound exciting, can't wait to hear more about them! It is really amazing how much you all do, prepping the new house and moving from the old. What were the previous owners thinking, not painting up to the ceiling??

  3. I admit, I am/was one of those paint it all white kind of people because all colors of furniture go with white. However, my wife promptly put a stop to that when we got married and I've actually grown to like the colors.

  4. Way to go Judy...
    what did you decide about the supervisory job? Are your kids all on board about the move? My 11yr old is digging in her heels now that we are actually listing the house, sigh. Kris


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