Thursday, May 7, 2009


Oh my,  what a week it has been so far.  Work has been awful.  The new computer system hasn't been that much of a problem for me but one of my co-workers has been having a terrible time figuring it out.  I've explained it to her multiple times and she keeps screwing it up.  Luckily one of our department managers came up and worked with her today before I was tempted to do her an injury.  I was sorely tempted to slap her upside the head to see if I could knock any computer intelligence into her.  AARGH!!!  As if I needed any more stress in my life right now.

Things here at home have been crazy.  J14 and I11 both had events tonight- at the same time- in different places.  I11 had the final band concert of the year and J14 had the artist reception for the community school art show.  Selected art from the area high schools and Jr Highs were on display at one of the local credit union branch offices.  Tonight was the reception and award ceremony. J14 didn't win any awards but just to have been selected to be displayed in the art show is a honor.  She had a sculpture made of recycled newspaper and wire that was selected to be displayed.
V went with I11 to his concert and I took J14 to the art show.  It was nice to get away from it all for a while.  V has been spending lots of time out at the new house - WELL IS FIXED!!!!!
I've been struggling to keep things under control here, start packing and prepping this house for sale.  I actually ended up in tears last night.  V didn't get home until 830.  I got the kids fed and through homework and then was working with J14 to make cheese. They have this huge project for their English class- they are having a Renaissance Faire and her project is food related.  She will be baking bread and making cheese.  So we have been practicing.  Our first attempt was a epic failure but last night actually ended up very cheese-like.  Her teacher is really excited- she has never had anyone attempt something like this before.  
Anyway,  After getting everyone fed, homeworked, cheese made, laundry done etc. V came home and was rather pissy with me because he is tired.  I finally went upstairs for bed and discovered that someone had used the last of the toilet paper and not replaced the roll.  Something that insignificant drove me to tears because- while I KNOW that V is working really hard on the new house- I still feel like I'm doing everything by myself here at home and that someone couldn't even change the toilet paper roll was just the kicker. 
I've been better today except for thoughts of striking my computer inept co-worker. 
We are not going to meet our original deadline.  There is absolutely no way we can be ready to list this house by next Friday.  My plan to take extra time off work hasn't worked too well- the same inept co-worker informed us that she was off on Friday and that it had been on the calendar for a long time (it wasn't because I had just looked at it).  And with the new system I haven't felt comfortable leaving everyone in the lurch.  I'm hoping to schedule some time off next week but we'll see.   I need some time to get things together.
Wish me luck.


  1. I know what you mean, sometimes the littlest things just tip a person off. I just lost it in a sobbing fit when the soap fell into the sink the other day. Tough "rest of life" meant it was a tiny thing that did it.
    Maybe ask yourself what is really the worst thing to happen (realistically) if you list a little later? And if it is later, would it help family sanity? That help me sometimes, kind of like the other though on finding the biggest rocks?

  2. I sure hope things slow down a bit for you.....the stress can't be doing anyone any good.
    So sorry so much is being thrown on your shoulders. Take care of yourself

  3. With my husband deployed right now, I have endured the dishwasher breaking, the well pump breaking, an emergency room trip with my son, and my Aussie pup eating my new prescription sunglasses. It was the relatively small matter of me wanting a haircut and having no babysitter that caused my complete meltdown last week! Sometimes you just have to accept that you can't do it ALL - all the time...(I'm still working on that one!)

  4. Erin, I want to tell you that I for one, appreciate your hubby fighting for our freedom and will add him to my prayer list. It can't be easy for you.

    Judy. I think your just trying to get too much done too soon. I do the same thing and I think we just try too hard. Here is what I do when I just can't do anything but cry. I Get my family stuff done first. If you want to try and get your house ready, concentrate on that, don't worry about the new house until you get your old one ready. It will be there. Am sorry you are having such a time with Ms. Knunklehead. lol. she is probably taking off because she is so stressed that she can't learn it and wants to escape for a few days. Perhaps Monday she'll come in all smart and ready to go! You can only hope! lol Have a good weekend Judy!!...debbie

  5. SHOOT!!! I forgot to tell you that I thought your daughters sculpture was WONDERFUL!!!! It looks like something you would see in a New York store Window!!! I'm serious!! Tell her I said she did a GREAT JOB! ...debbie

  6. Truthfully, I'm surprised you haven't had a melt-down before this!! You are doing so much on so many fronts!! Maybe a little chocolate and a bubble bath would help, if only a little!

  7. My heart just aches for you! And take a break! You all have gotten so much accomplished in such a short time! I am continually amazed at what you have gotten done. It will all come together eventually.

    The sculpture is wonderful - she did a fantastic job on it!

    Here's to a less stressful weekend and hoping you get some family time in - HAPPY EARLY MOTHER"S DAY!

  8. That is a truly beautiful sculpture!! I'm the same way girl, I get overwhelmed and you never know which crazy little thing is going to be the one to turn me into a puddle. You're in a really stressful position right now, you need to cut yourself as much slack as you can. Here's hoping you have a have a good weekend with a bit of relaxation!! Take Care!! xoxo

  9. You are working so hard you might not realize that most people couldn't keep up with all that. Don't be hard on yourself. I cry is good once in a while. Breaks the tension. Be nice to yourself :-)
    You deserve it!

  10. Totally understand both on the co-worker front and the toilet paper front...

    Someone over at my blog said it must be the full moon. I think I believe that may be true.

    Hang in there-it'll cycle back again soon!

  11. Judy, just wanted to come by and wish you a Very, Very Happy Mother's Day!!! Have a great weekend!...debbie


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