Thursday, May 21, 2009


Meadowlark is having a contest of sorts about porches.  Well, not exactly a contest but a give away having to do with sharing pictures of your front porch.  I currently have two front porches.  They both need some work.
The new porch.
from a different angle... not a new picture.
We recently planted a climbing rose at the corner of the new porch, just to the right of the stairs you can see in the picture.
And the town house.
Our porch in town is lovely.  It is mostly screened by the lilac hedge in front of the porch so it's rather private. Unfortunately, where we live, we can't leave anything out on the porch or it goes missing.  Oh, we can leave the trash barrel because it isn't fun but we have never been able to leave chairs on the porch or they end up smashed in the street.  Just one more reason for leaving.  To be able to sit on the porch and look out at nature.  In fact, I was sitting on the porch at the new house last week and spied a hummingbird visiting the blossoms in the yard, that and the oriole building a nest in a tree.  So much to watch and interesting in a different way from watching students parade down the street.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear the neighborhood around your townhome has gone downhill. That is so sad.

    I am extremely "territorial" about my stuff and my property -- that would simply KILL ME.

    Thanks for entering, chica!

  2. That is terrible that you can't leave anything on your porch. I'm so glad you're moving to a safer place.

  3. I love porches. Our front porch is very small... too small to sit on. Enjoy your new porch and all of the pleasures that will come with it.

  4. Can't imagine not being able to keep anything on your porch. I hardly ever lock my doors here. You'll be much happier in the country. I love your big new porch! you can hang flowers and leave your chairs out and have lunch and watch the birds!! How much fun will THAT be!! won't be long now!!...debbie

  5. I'm glad that your new porch is in a place where you get to enjoy an "outdoor room" more. And soon your roses will trail up around it and be as pretty as the lilacs are.

  6. I'm so happy you're moving to the country. It will be so nice for you to sit outside and enjoy all that country living has to offer. We leave our home for up to 6 weeks at a time-no one touches a thing. You're gonna love it.

  7. I'm glad you will be able to leave stuff on your new porch - that would be terrible!

  8. Your porches are lovely. Mine has too much on it to even be called a porch.

  9. Nice porch.....wish I had one. Someday....


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