Friday, May 8, 2009

Small fruits

Hurray!!!  My blueberries and currents arrived this afternoon.  Luckily I was able to get out of work a little early and was home when the UPS guy delivered them.  We had already collected the children from school and were ready to head out to the house.  I'm really impressed.  Since we bought from a local company- even though they are a nationally known chain- we are close enough to the nursery that everything arrived in a day.  I got the shipping notice yesterday morning and everything arrived this afternoon.  We went straight out to the house and put them in the ground right away.  J14's blue climbing rose arrived as well but for some reason they haven't shipped my red raspberries yet.  Oh well,  That's okay.  I've got plenty of things to do other than plant- although I really need to get the rest of my seedlings in the ground this weekend.
Today at work was a bit smoother.  Another co-worker screwed up her documentation and asked me to help her sort it out (I'm the most computer literate of all of us- even though the system is fairly self explanatory).  And, on a bright note- I have arranged to have both Monday and Tuesday off- so I have 4 days straight to get some work done.  I've also sent out the email that I want to take several afternoons off in the next few weeks.  All of my scheduled patient care groups are in the mornings and my afternoons are spent doing evals so if anyone else could pick them up for me I can get out several hours early.   The 2 other therapists there today were very supportive and 2 of the other 3 are also very understanding.  The only one who hasn't been that supportive of what I'm going through is the one that I was ready to slap yesterday.  She has her own issues so I think is rather self absorbed.  We have covered her butt for a long time so it's payback time.
The well is fixed!  V flushed the system today and has started fixing the hole in the foundation wall that used to go into the well pit.  We will still need to back fill the pit when the foundation has cured a bit and need to figure out where we will rob the soil from to fill it.  We are thinking that since we were planning to build at least one retention pool to help with erosion, that we may kill two birds with one stone and use the soil from the pool construction to fill the pit.
Knowing that I have 4 days in a row to get things done has done wonders for my stress level.  I need to call my Mom.  Since she offered to help with things, I think that helping J14 sew her vest for her renaissance costume would be a great help.  My Mom is an expert seamstress and taught my sisters and I to sew when we were young.  I have taught J14 the basics of sewing but this is probably the most complicated pattern she has attempted.  I have a suitable skirt and shirt for her costume but she wants to sew a lace-up fitted bodice/vest to complete her character's costume.  
Thanks to everyone for your support and understanding.  I reached my limit the other day.  I'm teetering on the edge but have been holding it together.  V and I need to have a sit down and talk about priorities.  He is so focused on the new house that he wants to put the things that need done here on the back burner.  While waiting to list this house won't be the end of the world- financially, things will be very interesting for us until we are able to sell this house- and, since there is a good chance that this house will be sold to someone who wants to use it as a rental- we are running out of time since people are already starting to sign leases for the fall semester here.  
I'm feeling better about leaving this place.  While I've wanted the acreage for years, there are things about this house that I love. But, things have been getting more and more violent around here.  In fact, there was an assault on our block on Sunday morning (about 3 am) where someone was knocked unconscious and robbed. He ended up hospitalized with a broken jaw.  We have always had trouble with vandalism but this type of violence is relatively new.  Makes me glad we're moving out of downtown.


  1. I'm so happy things are coming together for you. And, once you get settled into the new house, trust me, you won't even THINK about the old one..It's hard to leave a house you love, but basically, you're taking what makes it a home with you.
    Have a great weekend, and don't overdo!

  2. So good to hear how well things are moving along. I got my blueberries a couple weeks ago, but with all the rain (every day!) and the swinging temp ranges, I'm worried about them. And having the sitdown with V makes a lot of sense, just sorting it out can make tasks seem less daunting as you move through one at a time.

  3. I'm so very happy to hear you're back on an even keel. Things do sometimes get too much momentum and we have to apply the brakes and reasses. It's good that you did for all of you.

    Congrats on the berry delivery. Those will be a tasty addition!


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