Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another name change!

May is a busy month for us celebration wise.  We have our anniversary neatly sandwiched between two birthdays.  Today I11 becomes I12!  He was my stubborn child to deliver.  My blood pressure was up and I had been on bedrest for 2 weeks (and let me tell you, bedrest with then J3 was NOT rest!) when my doc decided to induce labor.  Not the natural experience I had hoped for but apart from the oxytocin I made it through without any other meds.  He didn't seem to want to leave but after 20 hours we finally got our lovely baby boy.  My how he's grown. He is nearly as tall as I am now- and we wear the same size shoes!
Happy Birthday Ian!

Gratuitous range and hood photo.
Ok, you still have to imagine the stainless housing on the top of the hood and the countertop but the kitchen is coming together.  
Now, I'm off to paint trim.  I feel like I've been missing out on lots of others posts. Sorry,  I'll try to catch up someday.


  1. Happy Birthday Ian!! My Goodness he is a fine looking lad!! Almost as good lookin' as yor new kitchen!! That is going to be pretty neat when finished!! Looks like a BIG kitchen. Can't wait to see it all done so we can ooowh and aaah over the beauty of it all. Have a great productive weekend. I have to go spread mulch and head to lowe's!! ...debbie

  2. Happy birthday to the new I12! Hope you enjoy the day together :-)
    And no worries on catching up on others' posts - you are so busy and making so much progress, it always brings a smile to my face to read about.

  3. Happy birthday Ian! Hope you have a marvelous day! :)

  4. Happy Birthday Ian! Hope you have a great day!!

  5. Happy Birthday Ian! Hope you had a great day


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