Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's here!

My new range and range hood arrived today.  Ok, hate me now- I forgot the camera.  I took several pictures on my phone but for some reason, my phone and laptop aren't on speaking terms so I can't download them.  I'll be sure to take some tomorrow when we're out.
V also took down the last wall in the basement today!  Hurrah!!!!  Maybe we'll have to break out that bottle of sparkling wine we have in the fridge.  Unfortunately (or fortunately), with the storm we had last night (LOTS of rain and wind) we discovered that we still have a few leaks in the basement that we haven't managed to stop. So that means no framing in that side of the basement until we figure that out.  At least it's on the opposite side of the basement from where J14's room will be.  That is the room we will frame/finish first so she will have a place to live.
My parents are coming up Saturday to help us again.  My Dad will help V run the gas line for my new range and my Mom will stay at our 'town house' and help J14 with her sewing project for school.  That frees me up to work on other things.  I need to get a few more boxes packed to take out- I'm running out of the 'easy' stuff- although there are always books.  We have LOTS of books.

And fifteen years ago today, V did something that caused the closing and evacuation of the federal reserve bank in Richmond, VA.  While working on an archaeological dig at the Tredegar Iron Works, he discovered what they thought was an unexploded civil war cannon ball.  The bomb squad was called and the area evacuated.  It turned out that the round had been spiked long ago but the next day we had our own little bombshell.  
After he got home from the events of the day, he had several drinks to calm himself down.  The next morning- I got up to make coffee and had my water break.  He refused to take me to the hospital until he had some coffee in him.  But later that day, our lovely daughter was born.  One bombshell on Saturday that was a dud and one on Sunday that has been going off ever since.
So, there will be a name change tomorrow. J14 will become J15.  Wow- it seems like just yesterday.  I'd better go bake a cake.


  1. I'm so glad things are still going good for you all!!! And happy birthday to J! Whoo hoo - the big 15 - just think one more year and she will be driving

  2. Happy b-day to your daughter. Glad to see everything is coming along at the house. BTW, I have and obsession with beans in jars too!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY J14 - SOON TO BE J15!!! nOW SHE REALLY WILL KNOW EVERYTHING!! LOL Glad to hear the walls have all come down - and sad to hear of the leaks. Hope it's going to be an easy fix. Never know with leaks. Glad to hear your nifty~swifty new stove arrived. I got one 2 years ago. It's electric.
    We are having rain everyday...not long but still a shower a day keeps the sun away...bah was 74 however so I can't complain too much...debbie

  4. Congratulations, and what a lovely post. Happy birthday to J14- 15! Wish I could pop over and share that sparkling wine when you open it. I will drink a toast here for you anyway. Can't wait to see your new stove.

  5. Ah, they grow up soooo fast, don't they? Well, Happy Birthday to J. And so happy you received your new stove.
    Books are the worst when it comes time to move-they're soooo heavy. I have hundreds, and what kept me going was thinking "its the LAST time I have to move them!"
    Have a great weekend! :)

  6. Happy birthday J15! It must feel so good to have the range in. When I moved last year, most of the load was books :-)

  7. If you haven't done so already and before you start finishing the basement, I would recommend doing a radon gas test. You can get kits at your local extension office that you put down there for a few days and then send in for results. Around this part of Iowa, old basements and radon are prevalent. The house where I grew up had high enough radon levels that it was equivalent to smoking a couple packs of cigarettes a day. Fortunately my parents discovered it and it was fairly easily fixed since the basement was unfinished at the time and now there isn't even a trace of radon.

  8. Happy b-day to J14 now 15! My 15 yr old will get her learners in Nov '09. *bites nails*

  9. Wow!! That's quite the welcome to the world story your girl has!! :) Happy Birthday J!!

  10. What a great story-Happy birthday J! Kris

  11. Oh! Belated Happy Birthday to J!!

    With love from all at Compost Masions....



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