Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My new range rocks!

I did my first canning on my new range tonight. The 'power burner' rocks. 15,000 BTU of heat in one burner is fabulous! And having 6 burners was also great, the big one for the canner, one for the product, one for lids, one for extra water, and still room to spare. YES!
Pickled beets.
I have one jar where I separated out the pale beets, the ones that are almost yellow with pink rings. I forget the exact name but they're beautiful. This was the last of my beets and now I wish I had canned some more while we had them. Oh well, I've got 4 pints ready to go.
In other news, we had 22 realtors walk through our old house yesterday. And of all that, only 3 negative comments. One person evidently thought we need to trim our shrubs some more and two complained that the CFL lights in the kitchen and basement take too long to warm up. I guess that's true, but it's something that we had gotten used to- that the kitchen was dim for about 90 seconds after you turn on the lights. Oh well, we're NOT going to trim the shrubs but the lightbulbs were a quick fix that V took care of this morning. Evidently all the other realtors thought that the house was great and that we're asking a fair price for it. What a relief. There was another showing yesterday and another is scheduled for Friday that we know of. But, no offers yet, But then, it's early days yet. The house has only been on the market for a week and having 5 showings in that short a time is pretty good in today's economy. And those are only the ones we know of. With the lock box on the house, any area realtor can stop in and show it at a moment's notice since we're not living there.
It ends up that I don't have to work this weekend, but next. My co-worker who was scheduled to work next weekend had child care issues and asked to swap. Since I don't have anything pressing going on it didn't bother me. Maybe now I can sleep in a little on Saturday to try to recover from last weekend.
It's supposed to be hot this weekend- finally into the 90's for the year- but I really want to spend some quality time in the garden. I noticed this evening that I will have green beans to pick tomorrow night and hopefully I'll have a few more tomatoes. I also really need to pull my onions since they've all fallen over. They really didn't get very big this year- who knows, it definitely wasn't due to lack of rain.
Ah, the thwack of another jar to my ears.


  1. That's great you have had so many showings :-) It won't be long now & you'll be a "one house" family again. Your beet look great. I froze some last week & should can some next week. Our tomatoes are slow this year. Too much cool weather for them (but not for me).

  2. All good news! I hope to try canning again later in the year when I actually have something to can.

  3. You have been a busy woman!! Looks good and pretty as well! I think 5 showings in a week is GREAT! I hope it won't be long before some nice young couple comes and snatches it up!...debbie

  4. Congrats on all the good news! 22 realtors so quickly is wonderful, I hope that it sells quickly too :-)
    When I moved to my new house and got my first power-burner, I was in love. Seriously in love. What a good set-up you have, I'm sure cooking will be so much easier. The sound of that thwack.... ahhhh.


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