Sunday, August 23, 2009

From my market basket

A few years ago I went to a couple of classes on basket weaving taught by a friend where I made several baskets. I've got a 'briefcase' bag that I made and a large and small market basket. My large basket is holding various craft supplies, mainly counted cross stitch stuff- but I use my smaller market basket for harvesting from the garden. I have several other baskets that I use but that one is my favorite.
That's a pretty sight!
Ok, I may complain about having tomatoes and peppers sitting all over my house but who can't say they're gorgeous? I guess this is one reason I do what I do. V told me that it's probably a good idea that the mice are reducing our harvest- he said I'd probably be crazy by now if I was getting 100% of the tomatoes that are out there.
I picked some more sweet corn this afternoon that we will have for dinner tonight and dug a few new potatoes.
Fingerlings in my favorite old colander.
But what's this in my market basket!?


  1. I use a basket made by me as seems "right" somehow.....

  2. Mandy looks very sweet in there. I like the made that? Its wonderful. You've got a lot of talent.

  3. The basket is impressive :-) And so are your tomatoes I must say. I use big colanders for my garden gleanings, and cloth bags for the farmers' markets/farms... nothing anywhere as pretty as your basket.

  4. Your harvest looks great! We are still waiting for our tomatoes to ripen--it's been a cold summer here.

    I've also made a couple baskets in the past--I'm not the best weaver, but I'm pretty proud of my baskets. Mandy looks adorable in your basket :)

  5. So colorful your post is!! Nice to be able to eat your own veggies! Mandy looks cute sitting in your market basket! lol ...debbie

  6. What a beautiful basket! Also your veges look great. I have my tomatoes on the counter right now too.

  7. ooh, can we do a skill trade sometime? i'll teach you something if you teach me how to make baskets! i want to be able to make them from things growing on my land rather than buying supplies for them.


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