Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Independence days- week 15- a few days late.

I'm behind on the times. It's been a busy week and I was so excited about finding plums on Monday that I 'plum forgot' my Independence Days post! Ha!Ha!
J15 and I12 both had school registration today. They're both happy with their schedules and had their pictures taken already so they can get their school IDs. We got the bus schedules for them, finally. 3 busses, three different pick up and drop off times. School starts next Thursday. EEK, where did the summer go! Oh yeah, we moved....
But on to the business at hand, my weekly check in.
1. Plant something- Nope. I know I should be thinking about fall crops but, honestly, I don't know if I can do it this year. I've about reached my limit of what I'm capable of right now, this whole move, renovations, garden, getting the kids set for school, working mess has about done me in. I'm so tired most of the time I can barely function. I just about fell asleep at my computer at work this afternoon. So, I'm thinking about letting the fall garden go this year.
2. Harvest something- Peppers, onions, tomatoes, beets, green beans, eggplant. I still don't have enough tomatoes to can which is quite vexing. Since I have to work this Saturday, they will all probably decide to ripen and need canned this weekend.
3. Preserve something- Pickled beets. Frozen beans (I decided against canning since freezing was a bit quicker and time has been short this week.
4. Reduce waste- Have tried to get back in the habit of putting the cloth bags back into the car. Made the recycling run to clear out the stacks that had accumulated around the house.
5. Prep and storage- Stocked up on flour. Also took advantage of a sale at the local store where they had ground turkey for $1/lb. We stocked up with 10 1 lb packages. I know it's factory farmed, but we like turkey and it was a great deal. I haven't found a good local source of turkey. Beef, chicken and pork yes but no turkey.
6. Community food systems- While not really community food system, I did make beignets for the 'presentation' on Sunday by the kids who went to New Orleans. They did the entire church service and met with congregation members between services to talk about their experiences. So I fried up about 10 dozen beignets to go with the chickory coffee they brought back.
7. Eat the food- No problem here. This category is easy this time of year. We've been getting enough tomatoes to satisfy my cravings. Yesterday was V's birthday. The kids and I baked and decorated a cake and for dinner we thawed some of our grass fed Tbone steaks for the grill and had fresh garden veggies. Then there was I12's meal and J15 has mastered making stuffed chilis.
I do need to get some more sleep than I have been. Of course, we were up late last night. We took the children down to the riding arena and lay on blankets late last night to watch the meteor shower. We were a bit early to see very many but the ones we saw were spectacular and it was a beautiful clear night. I'd really love to be able to go out again since the peak is tonight, but I know I need the sleep. There are times I really resent having to go to work, it interferes with my life, but the bills need paid....

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  1. I wish we could see the meteor shower, but it has been raining AGAIN and the clouds are heavy and many. Your lucky you can see them. Hard to believe the kids are back to school already! Is the bus pick up very far from the house?...funny thing about those bills...they do need paid


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