Saturday, August 8, 2009

Our very own beach!

V and I were at one of the local home centers late in the week and we stumbled across the end of summer clearance pile. We've finally got a use for our sand covered riding arena. OUR VERY OWN BEACH! For half price we got a 15' diameter above ground pool. Yeah, I know, it's late in the season to be filling a pool with 3000 gallons of water. But we haven't had much of a summer. And it was in the low 90s today. Perfect weather for a trip to the beach and we decided we deserved an afternoon off.

Filling the top ring with air.
A view of the beach.
V and I under the umbrella
Frolicking children.
The pool will eventually be about 4 feet deep but we were in it as it filled. I also took time to take a walk over the hills to look for wildflowers.
Great Lobelia (I think)
Thistles- even though they're prickly, they're still beautiful.
Swamp milkweed
The Spotted Touch-me-Not (jewelweed) is also blooming but the flowers are so delicate it was too windy to get a good shot. We've also got wild bergamot (bee balm), white shakeroot and LOTS of others. It's going to be fun to figure them all out.


  1. WOW! Your very own BEACH!! Now THAT was a great idea! Paw might need to build a wood apron around the pool to help keep all the sand out....but,...all in goood time!!Pretty wild flowers!...debbie

  2. Briliant! And you (and all your family) deserve that. Looks like a great time :-)

  3. it looks like only two or three weeks before this post i was finding wildflowers, too... check out this photo of one i found - maybe you can confirm whether it's jewel weed or not? i Think it is...


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