Monday, August 10, 2009


and other wild life.
We've got a wild cat roaming around. We've seen her off and on for the past few weeks. She is a white/calico cat with at least one kitten (black and white). But they are WILD! This evening she was sitting in the barnyard by the garden, staring at the house but as soon as I opened the door she bolted into the weeds. We're going to try to encourage her to stick around, having a barn cat isn't necessarily a bad thing.
Last night after the storm we found two tiny tree frogs clinging to the outside of the back door.
Tiny tree frog
The beetle for comparison, the frog is only about an inch from tip to tail. I would have loved to get a closer shot but I had my little camera which doesn't to close ups very well.


  1. Wild barn cats! That is a good thing. Put some kitty food out there and they'll hang around. Your little tree frogs are cute. Wish we had some. We have little peeper frogs...debbie

  2. Your wild cat will serve you well this fall when the mice start plotting to get inside!

  3. tree frogs are so cool! this is the only one i've ever seen in 'the wild' (like not in a terrarium)... do you know spring peepers? they're all over virginia, and they sing in great numbers.

    it's so hard to get a good up close picture of tiny critters!


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