Friday, August 7, 2009

She has a room...

Well, almost....
V peeks at J15 through a gap in the wall.

It's not much but it's a place for a bed.
And it has a door of a sort.
J15 has walls! With drywall on at least part of them. It is enough for her at the moment. She set up her bed and is excited to sleep in her own bed in her new room, even with incomplete walls.
And with her room completed, my canning/food storage room has also taken shape as has most of what will be the spare bedroom/sewing room. Things are moving along.
I'm hoping to spend some time in the garden tomorrow morning before it gets too hot and then J15 wants to go back to school shopping. I'm a bit torn. This is our 'tax holiday' weekend. There is no sales tax on clothing or shoes either today or tomorrow. And while that means a savings, I'm not so sure I want to brave the crowds. But I desperately need new sandals (mine have lasted several years and are now on their way OUT- and my favorite flip flops broke last night!!!) and J15 needs new jeans and shoes for school. Her supply of hand-me-downs has dwindles or fallen apart and she only has 2 decent pair of jeans to start the year. I really should take time to check out how many pants the boys have that still fit (they had the audacity to GROW over the summer!) but maybe they can wait.


  1. I'm really glad to hear you're getting it done. I think home remodeling seems like it takes forever. I feel your pain with buying clothes. My oldest son is starting school this year and when we bought his clothes it just blew me away at how expensive clothes are for a five year old. I guess buying some here and there before never really seemed like much but we bought them all at once this time and they are just as expensive as my clothes.

  2. Yea, J15!! Walls-that's wonderful!

    As for clothes shopping-ugh! But, an evil necessity, I'm afraid. I'm sure the stores are running some good sales along with the sales tax holiday. Maybe you'll have to at least check it out....especially if it gets to warm to work in the garden. Have a great weekend, Judy!

  3. Glad she has her room, even if it is not quite finished yet. It still is a place to call hers.

    I haven't even started thinking about back to school shopping yet. I guess I need to.

    Enjoy your weekend. xx


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