Saturday, August 8, 2009

A dismal harvest

I went out and pulled onions this morning. I planted 100 each of white, yellow and red varieties. This is what I ended up with:
A pathetic showing.
Most of the red ones rotted in the ground- I'm thinking a combination of the weeds, the amount of rain and the fact that I probably didn't get to them soon enough. I only have about 20 to show of the 100 I planted. Of course, we have eaten a few along the way but still....
The yellow ones did a bit better and the white ones even better still. But there are very few that are of a decent size.
But here are a few other photos of the day.
Blue Vervain
I've heard these variously called surprise lilies or naked ladies. But by any name they're beautiful. There are several clumps by the North fence by the driveway. Quite lovely.

And now- I've got to go work on our end of the year surprise for the kids. More pics to follow.


  1. Aw Judy, we all have harvests that we are less than happy with. The good thing is that there is always next year!

  2. that's about what my onions did too... I was so excited to have my first big harvest of onions this year... I'll try again next year...

  3. I see those Pink flowers all over the place here. I am guessing they are bulbs. right? interesting that they have no leaves....debbie

  4. My reds were tiny, yellows were ok and the white ones got pretty big for me.

  5. I'm sorry about the onions - I'm so new, but already I've concluded gardening is a frustrating thing many a time. Interesting how the reds did worse than the yellows, and the yellows worse than the whites.... are one a more hardy variety overall, or could it just be chance?
    The surprise lilies are lovely.

  6. the surprise lilies... they shoot up with no leaves, right? i saw those a lot in kansas this year around the same time as hostas were flowering and i wondered what they were called.

    also, i know that with some alliums they ought to be left for about 6 weeks after their tops fall... do you think that would have given them more time to grow? i know there are different types of onions and different ways to grow them, so maybe that didn't apply to yours. anyway, i hope your harvest was better this year! i could use some advice on growing onions.


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