Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Random pics of the day

The ugly tomato?
Gotta love those random tomatoes you get sometimes. This one looks for all the world like a rubber duck. I'm going to have a hard time eating it. Well, maybe not.
Boys playing on the playground at K's new school.

It is a totally awesome play structure!!!
K got a chance to meet his new teacher and check out the school grounds. I got to stand in lines to pick up information packets, pay the textbook fee and put lunch money in K's account. Oh, and we got to eat ice cream. We reconnected with I12's old preschool friend and his parents. That's a relationship that we may need to cultivate. We really don't have many 'couple' friends and we have always gotten along with this couple. We have seen them off and on since the boys were in preschool but have drifted apart over the years. Now living closer and having kids in the same school maybe we can build on it again.
A coneflower on the school grounds.
School here starts on Thursday. The children will all ride the bus this year. Three different buses, three pick up times, three different schools. Only K9 had to change schools after the move. I12 will be at a different school but that's because he was going to move up to junior high anyway. I'm not sure I'm prepared for three kids in three schools. I foresee scheduling nightmares in the future.


  1. Let me guess...is that an heirloom tomato? That's hilarious!

  2. I loved that tomato picture-how clever to put the rubber duckys with it. One wonders HOW does that happen? It does look like a rubber duck!

  3. Haha!! That is quite the sight, especially lined up with all the rubber ducks! I had a peach a couple weeks ago that was just the size, shape, and color of a baby chick, and it made me do a double take with the fuzz. Of course, the fact that I have no animals of any sort was a damper on the comparison, but good for a big laugh :-)

  4. Your "Duckies" gave me quite a few chuckles!! What a hoot! Cute photo for sure! Might want to print a little 3x3 photo and hang it in the kitchen.I can't imagine having 3 kids in 3 different school. holy cow. You will be a busy woman this year - hopefully they are all close by. The playground equipment is GREAT!! I wonder why schools don't start on Mondays like they did when I was a kid. It makes much more sense - dontcha' think?!...debbie

  5. Ha, love the tomato. We lost approx 50 plants to blight. :(

  6. Love that tomato - I would have a hard time eating it or rather, letting anyone else eat it.

  7. It would be like eating duck that tasted like a tomato. They are so similar. Great picture! I love stuff like that.


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