Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Angry and disappointed

I had another post in mind for today but I have learned something that has left me a bit angry and greatly disappointed.
Most people with knowledge of the modern homesteading trends are familiar with the Dervaes family.  They have done amazing things with their house and property in Pasadena and have been key in promoting growing your own food. In fact, I have been a member of Freedom Gardens and I have respected what they have accomplished.  However, some information has come to my attention that has made me lose all respect for them.
They have apparently applied for, and received trademarks for the phrases: URBAN HOMESTEAD and URBAN HOMESTEADING along with several others.  They have pressured Facebook groups to be removed for trademark infringement and have also asked other established bloggers to stop using those phrases.  These are phrases that have been long in use, long before they established their homestead and I don't feel it is proper for them to 'own' these.  Evidently if you choose to use those phrases, you have to use the trademark symbol and indicate that they are trademarked by the Dervaes Family.
Oh, they say that they have trademarked these to 'protect' them from big corporation misuse.  Yet, they are behaving no better than those companies they despise.
I have removed the image and link to Freedom Gardens from my sidebar and I will no longer visit their websites.  So much for their dream of building community- it seems to me that they are more about tearing it apart at this point.


  1. I think that's ridiculous that they can 'own' those words when it's not just a name but an adjective. It describes a persons lifestyle. Saying they did it before the corporations just sounds like a poor excuse. This reminds me of what Monsanto has done with the life of a seed... This country is getting out of control with all the rules.

  2. Ridiculous, but that seems to be the American way, sadly - litigation as a source of income. I too, have followed them although with some skepticism over the past few years, I was always taken with how they seem to be able to do anything they want and it seems everything is legal there - it strikes me that true urban homesteading would mean dealing with the numerous laws regarding animals, front yard/fence/sightlines, etc but they seem unburdened by this where they are.

  3. This is a shame. It is what happens when people get too "big" on themselves, they lose sight of why they started and get greedy.

  4. Wow, that is upsetting. It doesn't seem like something someone like them would do. Thanks for bringing this to everyone's attention!

  5. You have got to be kidding!!! I have followed them to..When I read about them that is when I really decided to make my own back yard into our little Hmsd!!! I didn't use the dang word!!! Goodness it makes my blood boil...I sure hope followers stop following them... Thanks for the input..Lisa

  6. I couldn't belive that!! They have to be kidding. That is ridiculous and I don't blame you one bit. I won't read any more of their stuff either. Money is the route of all evil...they just joined the band wagon at everyone's expense...Boo to them!!! ...debbie


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