Monday, February 14, 2011

An unhappy Valentine's Day

At least for V.  We are having plumbing issues.  Around the time of the blizzard the toilet in the basement started not flushing well.  It got progressively worse until we banned it's use.  V has tried the snake, plungers, all to no avail. Today, he even pulled the toilet up to check the flange and try the snake further down the drain. No luck.  Then, he thought it may be a vent problem.  So, checking the vent pipe (PVC) resulted in a break that he is now trying to repair.  And the toilet still doesn't flush.  So, tomorrow he will pull the toilet again and try a drill snake to see what happens.  At least the sink and shower still work.
But all this made for a very unhappy V today and no grand celebration (not that we would have had one anyway).
But, in more fun news, we purchased our flooring for the kitchen yesterday as well as the new dishwasher. The tiles we brought home with us but the dishwasher won't be in for another week.  We were also able to add the new subfloor and tile backer onto the delivery truck that will bring the cabinets and counters.  So it will all come in one giant delivery.  We're starting to count down the weeks.  I started boxing up some of the stuff from the upper cabinets.  You know, stuff we don't use that often.  I mean, really, what are the odds that I'll be needing a springform pan in the next few weeks.
Gotta go.  J16 is taking her final written exam for her driver's ed class (they gave it as a take home!!??) and I'm needed to help her interpret some of the questions.  Some of them are really bad questions.


  1. I can't wait to see the final results of your kitchen come spring time.. Sounds so exciting...

    We have been having some issues with our toilets to..It is weird...the water comes up and then goes down..We keep using the plunger. I am wondering if it has something to do with everything melting rapidly.. I worked on it again today with the plunger and it is working fine tonight.. I am beginning to wonder if our dog dropped a tennis ball in the toilet and we didn't see it.

    Hopefully things will work tomorrow for your hubby...Lisa

  2. Good luck to J16 and poor V. Plumbing is the best and most annoying invention. Can't wait to watch the kitchen come together!

  3. Sorry for the plumbing issues. A take home test LOL?!

  4. Oh drat! I hate plumbing problems. They are a pain in the butt and usually cost a fortune. Very nice that V can do it himself!! Isn't it nice to have such a handy hubby!! Glad to hear the kitche is getting closer and closer! Soon it will all be done and you won't want to leave it!! lol...debbie


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