Sunday, February 27, 2011


It's 29 degrees F and thunderstorming outside.  Guess what that means?!


I hate ice.  I would rather have a foot of snow than a 1/4 inch of ice.

Hopefully this will pass quickly, although the forecast is calling for freezing rain followed by sleet changing to snow overnight.

I am SO ready for spring.


  1. Oh no, hopefully, it will get warmer soon!

  2. I'm with you, can't wait for Spring. Definitely the LONGEST winter of all time!

  3. OH YUCK!! I'll take my stormy 60 over your stomy 29 anyday!! :o)
    We're hoping that the snow is over here, but I'm afraid, that it's asking too much!! ...debbie

  4. I totally agree! The storm that went through here a week ago gave us 10" of snow but a thick layer of ice where I work. My coworkers are still trying to clear it off their sidewalks.

  5. I am typing while squinting at the bright sunshine outside that hasn't shown itself in forever! I hope it comes you way and stays a long time!!


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