Saturday, February 26, 2011

First sprouts of 2011

 Yeah, they're hard to see.  Above- parsley- gourmet mix from Cook's Garden, below- the first leek from Botanical Interest.
I was so excited to come home last night and see these.  I was doing the happy dance in the kitchen.  Since they are now up, I have moved them in under the grow lights- the kitchen window,while a southern exposure, is pretty cold and it has been cloudy and snowy lately.  I want then to grow healthy and strong.
I was at work today- nothing too exceptional.  This means that I have next Friday off. So, that means baking a birthday cake for K10 (soon to be K11!) and packing boxes from the kitchen.  We are two weeks from kitchen week and there is lots to do before then.  I have been doing some cooking ahead and putting stuff in the freezer- ground beef for burritos and some pulled pork (I made a double batch on Friday).
J16 is feeling better today.  She missed all 4 days of school this week due to influenza.  Tons of fun- especially since this is the end of the trimester and she had finals and projects due.  sigh...  However, K10 is now our wounded child. I don't know if he slept wrong, moved wrong or what- but he's got a stiff/sore neck and is moving slowly.  It is better now than it was when I got home so hopefully by morning it will be better.
It was snowy and miserable all day today.  Ugh.  I'm ready for spring- even if it means mud.


  1. oh, how exciting! cute little sprouts! :)

    hope your family mends quickly!

  2. Hurray!! Lovely little sprouts! It'll be fun watching them grow! then EAT! Sorry that J16 was so ill. Nasty stuff. I hear this is a different strain than the fall, so the shot you took in the fall don't work! Hope she'e on the mend soon. Poor little K10, soon to be K11, I know that feeling. Happened to me the other day. A doctor friend said sometimes a cool draft will make your neck or shoulders do that.

    Our weather here in WV has been pretty good as of late. Yesterday was 61!! and sunny. Just needed a sweatshirt. It was glorious!! Today is to be in the low 60's too, but then it falls back to the 40's all week with some rain. BUT ITS MUCH BETTER THAN SNOW, SO I'M NOT COMPLAINING!! Have a good week!...debbie

  3. Congrats! I plan on cooking and freezing this week, too. It's such a pain, but soooo worth it on the nights you use the dinners!


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