Friday, February 18, 2011

Coming together

Things are starting to come together for the kitchen remodel that will happen in a few weeks.  But, they aren't coming together fast enough for my liking.  We picked up the new dishwasher today.  We ended up spending a little more but got an uber-efficient Bosch dishwasher.  It will wash an entire load of dishes with less than 3 gallons of water and is a tier II rated energy efficient appliance.  Like I said, we spent a little more up front but it was on sale, plus we get a 10% rebate, plus a rebate from the power company for replacing an appliance with an energy star one and, it will probably pay for itself in the long run with it's efficiency.
BUT- the cabinets and counters aren't in yet.  They were supposed to be delivered this week but now the estimated delivery date has been pushed back to the 25th.  Now I'm doubly glad I was so OCD and insisted on getting the order in early.  We ended up ordering new subflooring material and the tile backers that they were able to add onto the same delivery truck with no additional fee.  We know that the subfloor is rotted in several places and since we will be stripping at least 3 layers of old lineoleum, we wanted to start with a smooth, level surface for laying tile.
I'm hoping to pack up several more boxes of kitchen stuff this weekend.  There is a lot of stuff that we won't be needing in the next few weeks and I'm hoping to get an early start on boxing stuff up since we will only have 9 days to complete this whole project once we get started- at least 9 days with all of us available to work on it.
I'm starting to get really excited about getting started on this- if you couldn't tell.  I'm beginning to plan meals for the week since all we will have to cook with is the microwave and crockpot (and the grill if the weather cooperates).

Tomorrow I've got the usual household stuff to do.  J16 is having some friends over for a video shoot.  For one of her school projects she is doing a sort of steampunk take on the nutcracker and is doing some performance art.  So, she has been working on her costume and will have friends come help her with the video tomorrow. Of course, she wants to set up the Christmas tree for one of the shots.  WTF! What a lot of work for a video.
J16 and I have belly dancing on Sunday afternoon.  And... we really need to get started on her prom dress.  We picked up the fabric for it last weekend.  It should be stunning...  or BAM! as she puts it.  Black matte satin with a supersaturated red brocade with black cherry blossoms on it for accent band.  She really wants to sew her own dress so she is guaranteed to have one that is unique.  I didn't realize that they have actually started an online prom dress registry so girls don't have the same dress.  WOW.  How times have changed.


  1. Things are getting complicated at your house!! lol Christmas trees back up, videos, packing the kitchen back up! on line dress registry...holy're going to be exhausted by summer!! lol ...debbie

  2. LOL the tree back up! Can't wait to see her dress, and really can't wait to see you get your kitchen before the harvest season even starts - you will be a very happy girl shortly!


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