Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It was a snowy, snowy day!

V ventured out last night in the storm to shoot some video.  This should give you an idea of what it was like.  Not fun outside.  The poor dog was so confused.  We were unable to open either of the doors we usually use to take him outside and he refused to pee until we walked him all the way around to the back of the house to his 'usual spot'.  Of course at the height of the storm.
Here are a few photos of the aftermath.  This morning, the wind had died down and the sun was trying to peek out.
First, the driveway.
 The guys started digging.
There was a drift about 20 feet wide (and long!) and 4 feet deep that we had to move.  At the tallest part, the drift was up to my shoulder.  Good thing I had the day off already, I wouldn't have been able to get in to work anyway and this way we didn't have to get up early.  We didn't clear the entire drift, just enough path to get the car out of the garage and down the drive.  The van, we probably won't see it again until the thaw- it's buried up to the windows!
Next, the reason we couldn't get the back door open:
 Yup, that's the back door there on the left...
This particular drift was over 6 feet deep.
 Looking the basement window with Spaz.
Next, the effort begins to dig a path for the dog!


I have no idea how much snow we actually had, it all blew around so much.  There were patches where you could see the ground and then there were the 6 foot drifts.  Even with the snow blower, we had LOTS of shoveling to do since it can't cut through drifts that tall.
There was about 16 inches of snow on the deck, blocking the South door.  But, the doors and drive are all passable now.  NO thanks to the DOT snow plows which piled up a 4 foot wall of ice at the foot of the drive.  At least we got things cleared before the bottom drops out of the temps.
I hope you all fared well with the weather.  We are all fine here but will probably be a little stiff tomorrow.  We moved a LOT of snow today.


  1. WOW.... Eastern Iowa Airport says 13 inches for us.. And then the Iowa City airport said 10 inches..Didn't know Iowa City had a airport.. But yet some others in Iowa City reported 17 inches..I think more like 17 for you.. We dug out and yes I know what you mean about the plows.. Ugh.. But they do clear the roads. We were all finished and they came.. Stay safe and warm...Lisa

  2. Wow, that's alot of snow! I'm glad you were able to dig out. Stay warm!

  3. Wow! My dogs would be confused too. And where have you been hiding that pretty little barn? I don't remember seeing it. And OH! that deck and pergola is just going to be lovely this summer with a couple of wine glasses on the railing.... think summer thoughts :)


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