Friday, February 4, 2011

The LIST so far

Ok, this is a work in progress.  I was inspired by Erin, who posted her planting list.  So, I decided to go through my seeds again and make a master list- and it's a good thing, too!  I discovered that I am out of some things I thought I had (or I just can't find-although all my seeds are collected.. hmmm)
So, the planting list so far.

Ananas Noir- Baker Creek- my new variety for the year.
Jeunne Flamme- stash/saved seed
Campbell's super secret- saved seed
Polish Linguisa- stash/saved
Amana Orange- stash/saved
Black Sea Man- stash
Black Krim- Stash
Yellow Cherry- saved (although I know it will come up volunteer in the garden- why do I save it???)
Amish Paste- stash
And, I discovered that I'm OUT of Mortgage Lifter seeds!!!  I have NO red beefsteak tomatoes!!  How can this be!!!!?????   Of course- I saved seeds a year ago- but that was the year the mortgage lifters got hit by an early blight and I didn't get any seed saved.  I used the last of my stashed seed last year.  Hmm, I bet I can get some from Roger... or maybe something different......

Purple Beauty- Baker Creek- new variety
Jalapeno- stash/saved
Volcano (hot hungarian wax) saved
Anaheim- saved/stash
Alma Paprika- saved/stash
Cayenne- saved
Peter, Red- saved.  I'm debating on this one. It is a fun conversation pepper but it really has too long a growing season for us and doesn't do too well.
Red and Yellow Bell- saved
And of course, we have the Black Pearls that I fell in love with last year....

India Paint- saved

Cabbage family
Cabbage- Red acre- stash.  I hope for a spring and fall planting
Broccoli- Super Blend (hybrid!)- Cook's Garden (spring and fall) this (and I bet the cauliflower) is my hybrid purchase for the year- but we have had such good luck with this blend in the past.
Cauliflower Rainbow Blend- Cook's Garden (spring and fall?)
Wild Kale Mix (4 heirloom varieties)- Cook's Garden- for Fall

Purple- Baker Creek
Toma Verde- stash- and these came up volunteer in the garden last spring!

Carnival Blend (4 colors)- stash
Parisienne-  Baker Creek Freebie!

Lots of stashed odds and ends- white icicle, watermelon, french breakfast, pink beauty
Black Spanish- stash- for a fall planting

Detroit Red- stash
Cook's Custom Mix- stash

Lots of mesclun mix odds and ends from the stash
All season Romaine Mix- Cook's Garden

Rainbow- Baker Creek

Shelling- Lincoln- stash
Snap- Sugar Snap- stash

Christmas Lima- stash
Scarlet Runner- stash
Green Bush (no name???)- stash
I have some Jacob's Cattle Beans from a seed exchange but I'm not sure I'll have room.  Maybe.....
I also discovered that I'm out of purple bush and yellow wax beans- but I know a local store often has them for ten cents a packet for heirloom varieties (if you don't mind small packages- but then we don't actually eat a LOT of beans so it usually works for us)

Tigger- Baker Creek- something else new for us!!
I'm pondering a sugar baby watermelon but I'm not sure I've got that much room.

summer- Billiards mix (round zucchini?)- stash.
I was pondering what happened to the patty pan seeds I planted last year when J16 reminded me that someone had given me a few seeds- oh yeah.....)
Speckled Hound- heirloom- Cooks garden- new (something smaller than last year!!)
Waltham Butternut- stash
I'm contemplating more Galeux d'eysines since we had so much luck with them last year but I'm not sure I'm prepared for 450 lbs of squash again!

Chires baby- Baker Creek- a new one for us
I'm debating planting sweet corn again.  It takes up so much room and we can get it so easily from the local farmers...

Parsley- gourmet mix- Cooks Garden Freebie
Basil- Genovese- stash
Clary sage- stash
Summer savory- stash
Cilantro- stash
Dill, Mammoth- stash
Marjoram- stash
Camomile- stash
Stevia- stash
Oh, there are others as well...

Nasturtium- stash
Wild flax- J16 picked up this packed at the store a week ago- am I a bad influence or what!!
Moon flowers- stash
Litchi Tomato- saved seeds
Sunflowers- stash
More stuff we got for the goth garden last year and never got planted.  And some other freebie flower seeds from here and there.....

Onions- I always pick up onion sets from a local seed/pet store where you can mix and match in bulk.

Oh, and I completely forgot to mention cucumbers- K10's favorite vegetable.....

There will probably be other things we find to plant- you know how it is.
Yeesh- just looking at that list makes me exhausted!

I know that the parsley needs to be started early (up to 12 weeks prior to last frost) and that is coming up toward the end of February.  OOOH!!!  It's getting close!!!!  I just need to set up my seed growing racks somewhere other than the kitchen since we will be gutting the kitchen in March.
 TOO...MUCH...GOING...ON....  NEED...TO...GARDEN!!!!!
NEED... TO... SAVE.... SANITY...............



  1. I was really suprised when I pulled out my stash of seeds! Alot of stuff. I have alot of stuff packaged for 2009 --what are the chances they will have good germination rates?? Well they are seeds -this is what they DO! It is good to think about sun and black dirt in february :)

  2. Excellent! I got those Parisienne carrots free from Baker Creek 2 years ago and they did really well - that's saying a lot because they are difficult for me to grow, hope you have the same luck with them. You may want to try the Sugar Baby "Bush" variety watermelon, I did those last year and they were really well behaved vines and I grew them in a container! A wooden box about 18" square.

    Can't wait!

  3. Good Gracious!! Your garden is going to be huge! Betcha can't wait till this wretched snow melts and you can start scratchin' up the dirt!! ...debbie

  4. Kris- I'm sure that the seeds from 2009 should be fine. My Campbell's super secret tomatoes originally came from seed that was 25 years old and I've panted old seed and had good luck. The germination rate may not be as good as it used to be but you should get something from them.
    Erin- I've been looking at the Sugar Baby watermelons. They're definitely on the list.
    Debbie- the garden won't be any bigger than usual- LOL! I"m always this crazy!

  5. That's a great list. I've been putting our plan in place too. I can't wait to start sowing!

  6. Holy crap!!! That's one heck of a list!

  7. Just found your blog from new life on a homestead! WOW - what a great list, you will be able to feast all winter long with that much food :)


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