Friday, February 25, 2011

The chick order is in!

I placed the order with Meyer Hatchery today.  I wasn't able to do the rainbow assortment.  Even though it doesn't say that there is a minimum number, evidently the minimum is 25.  We DON'T need 25 hens!
So, I went back to our original list: 7 hens and a rooster.  They are as follows:
Rooster- Welsummer- V says we have to name him Eddie... I guess I can live with that.
Hens- one Welsummer- they lay dark reddish brown eggs sometimes with speckles
one Columbia Wyandotte
one Barred Rock
one Golden Laced Wyandotte
one Silver Laced Wyandotte
two Ameraucana/Easter Eggers- they are the ones who lay the blue/green eggs.  The hens aren't all the same color and each hen will lay it's own specific color of eggs.
The little ones are scheduled to arrive the first week of May (first date all the varieties we wanted are available at the same hatching).  Plenty of time for us to finish the kitchen and get a good start on the coop.  I had a 'duh' moment last night when I was thinking of what to keep them in while they're in the house.  I was thinking cage... it has to be big enough so they aren't overcrowded as they grow...  it needs to latch... what I need is an animal cage of some sort.  DUH! We have the old dog kennel in the shop from when Ticket was still in his chewing phase and V and I were both working outside the home.  Considering that he is a very large dog, it is a very large kennel.  Of course, we will have to put some hardware cloth on the lower part of it to keep kitty paws from reaching through to snag an unsuspecting chick.  And, it is tall enough that we should be able to hang our incubator light bulb from the top and have room to raise it as the chicks grow and don't need as much heat.
Things are falling into place...

Now, if all of our counter top pieces would arrive.... they aren't going to deliver anything until it is all here and we're evidently missing at least one piece of counter.  AARGH... at least we still have time.  The cabinets and most of the counters are already waiting at the store for delivery.
I'm getting impatient to get started.


  1. Meyer hatchery is about 15 min. from us and it's where I've gotten all my chicks. They are awesome! Enjoy them!!!!

  2. I don't know anything about chicks but I like the black ones with the white spots! and I'm like you, i like all colors of eggs!! What fun!! Only 2 months away!! ...debbie

  3. A dog kennel will be perfect! Wow, 25 chick minimum!!

  4. hurray! I love the welsummers- the hens are our most 'forward' bird-first to investivate and the eggs are chocolate brown with darker speckles!

  5. How exciting! I can't wait to see pictures!


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