Thursday, February 10, 2011

Still working on the master plan

For seed starting, that is.  It's been much on my mind lately.  Maybe it's that it has been unforgivingly cold here this week and I'm longing to see something naturally green outside.  It was -15 F this morning when I left for work (That's about -26 C for those of you more familiar with that scale).  Regardless of the number or scale it was COLD! Much colder than normal for here this time of year.  But... a warm up is on the horizon.  It is forecast to get above freezing this weekend!  GASP!  We may see liquid water outside!
V and the boys were moving more snow again this afternoon.  It occurred to us that we are expecting a delivery truck next week and it will need to be able to get through the drive, around the house and into the courtyard to unload the new kitchen cabinets into the shop.  Hmm, we didn't clear any of those drifts... oops....

In more fun news, I placed my order for floating row covers this evening  and now, I'm going to get back to my planting calendar.  So many seeds, so little time. (and room)

Ooo...and this must be a particularly evil post.  It's number 666....


  1. Funny how the "evil post" coincided with the "MASTER PLAN" LOL, I'm imagining you wringing your hands with glee! My spring fever was shot down with our current snow and 18º temps this morning - funny how it was just about 10 days ago when it was 70º for a brief 2 hours...

  2. I need to do one of these this year instead of my usual, hmm, its likely time to start those seeds I so thoughtfully bought earlier... Good on you for planning! I've seen other bloggers posting spreadsheets that calculate when to start seeds based on the last frost in your area & the time suggested on the seed pack for starting seeds indoors, in case you don't have some such system already :)

  3. So glad you are getting the row covers :-) I am looking forward to the warm-up too. Maybe the driveway at the farm will thaw & we can get some of our kitchen cabinets to the farm soon.


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