Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy pi day

I hope you all had a great pi day!  I13's school sold these great t-shirts as a fundraiser for  everyone to wear on pi day today.  This is the front:

And the back has pi (3.14....) written out and looking like clumps of grass.  Maybe you just have to be nerds to appreciate these.  Of course, I think their cow looks a bit misshapen.  And of course, I got a brown shirt- what else for a cow pi!
I wore my new shirt after I finished painting.  I got the second coat of green on the walls and also the pale yellow.  It is very, very pale yellow.  J16 has determined that it is the color of mozzarella cheese!  So once again, we have painted our walls with cheese!  Of course, this time it doesn't have a cheesy name.  In fact, I can't even remember what it's called.
I sent the above picture to my parents and Mom asked me why I hadn't painted all of the walls.  I told her that I was lazy and wasn't going to paint the walls that were to be covered with cabinets.  What's the point.  Just a waste of paint, time and energy.  The new dishwasher is installed and we even did a load of dishes in it.  Woo Hoo!  no more washing dishes in the bathtub.  We don't have a sink yet but it's coming soon.
We did bring in the main counters and dry fit them.  We still need to install the sink and unfortunately, the company didn't drill the holes for the faucet like we thought they were going to do.  But, we need to wait until the counters warm up to room temperature before we do anything to them.  They have been stored outside in the shop and they are pretty cold.  We've had lows in the 20's and highs in the mid 40's the past few days.
Even with the plastic protective layer, they are still beautiful!!!!  We are going to wait to take off the plastic until we are completely finished, figuring that it will protect them a bit from scratching during installation of the wall cabinets.
Tomorrow, V will tackle the sink installation and I'll work on getting the island re-mapped so we actually end up with the stove under the range hood.  I'm also hoping to finish installing the mini-counter on the north wall since we only have one more base cabinet and one wall cabinet to install there.
We're all holding up pretty well.  Today was a bit of a 'down' day since we spent lots of time waiting for paint to dry this morning!  Fortunately, most of the really heavy stuff has been hauled inside.  The wall cabinets aren't heavy, it's just a pain getting them into place.  Tomorrow, we'll have another heavy lifting day since we are planning to move all the tile from the shop to inside so it has a chance to warm up to room temperature before we want to tile later in the week.
In case you're curious. Here is the ultimate before picture of the kitchen.  This was taken a day or two after we closed, obviously before we had the well repaired since we have the big orange cooler of water at the sink.  There was an electric stove just to the right by the basement door- with no counter space or anything beside it- just freestanding.  And the light fixture HAD to go.
And don't even get me started on the ugly paneling that was on one wall... eek, this kitchen has come a long way and is going to get even better.


  1. I just looked at earlier posts of your kitchen remodel and all I can say is that you are a braver woman than I am. We need to do some things in our kitchen and I keep putting it off. yours is looking great so far!

  2. WOW it's coming along!! How are you going to drill the holes for the sink/faucet. I'd be furious, unless of course you ordered it that way. Don't you have to cut the holes with a wet saw? That should be fun...Good luck. Glad you removed the wagon wheel - that did need to go !!! But it might look real cute in the barn!...debbie


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