Sunday, March 6, 2011

A momentous day

 It was a busy day here at Troll Bridge Acres.  First, J16 and I worked at a pancake breakfast this morning, raising money for the Crisis Center.  Our committee brought in over $500 that will go to the Common Fund, which is specifically to help families with unexpected bills or ones they can't afford. There is a fairly rigorous criteria for those receiving help, but it is well worth it to keep someone's electricity on.
Plus, today is a name change day.  K10 is now K11.
The birthday boy was amused with his cake.
 Yes, it's a dead teddy bear.
From one of their favorite video games "Naughty Bear"
Fun but very twisted!
And last, not least, but definitely the most frightening:
J16 on her first solo drive.  She is off by herself to a concert at school this evening where one of her friends is performing.  She passed driver's ed with flying colors- a high enough driving score to not even be required to drive with the DOT.  So, last week when the children didn't have school due to the end of the trimester, she and V went off and she got her "for real" driver's license.  I think I'm more nervous about her drive than she is.....  oh... my phone....  Ok, she called- she got there just fine.  Hurrah for teenage drivers.  I see many more nervous trips ahead!
Update- she made it home safe and sound.  Whew!


  1. Oh how do I remember those frightning days and nights. Your post made me stop and remember our fright everytime the phone rang when they were out in the car. I still do it a little bit now. When it's snowing, I worry about them getting stuck, or sliding off the road in a ditch...the worry never ends....The cake is really cute!! Happy Birthday K11 !! Have a wonderful week! We had snow today...after nearly 2 weeks of nice weather! ...debbie

  2. I think I can say there is something worse than watching your daughter drive off alone for the first time and that is seeing your spouse do the same. When I married my wife she didn't know how to drive and so at age of 29, I tried to teach her. It was a bit tricky because with a spouse, you still have to sleep with them at the end of the day so you can't be too hard. I quickly figured out that the best thing for our marriage was to hire someone to teach her. Still, I was really nervous watching her drive off for the first time.

  3. What an awesome cake. Happy Birthday to K11. Haha, my word verification is "teddi". How funny.

  4. LOL Ed! I taught V to drive after we were married. Having done both, I think sending the daughter out was worse. But then V is a pretty competent guy, he just never saw the need to have to drive until he moved to the Midwest.

  5. How exciting! Lots of changes in your house. My dad taught me the basics of driving when I was 13 because in a month I could have got my drivers license at 14. Ours was the last 8th grade class to have that option. I didn't take it and waited for drivers ed the next year and got mine at 15. I never thought for a moment how parents felt as I drove off for the first time. I always suspected it was relief that they didn't have to cart me to all my activities!

  6. Happy birthday K11. Contrats to J16 on first solo drive and congratulations on your pancake breakfast. It sounds like it was a great success.

  7. Congrats to both kids on some milestones! Are you wringing your hands?!


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