Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday

All the cabinets are UP!!!
J16 resting against the new counter:
 The new sink, dishwasher and the end cabinets.
 And finally, my pride and joy- which turned out to be a pain to install:
It's called a baking center.  It has pocket doors and a large space directly on the counter for putting appliances like the stand mixer.  There is even an outlet inside the cabinet for convenience.
We did run into a few problems.  There are a couple of cabinets where the sides didn't get finished where they should have been (not the problem of the manufacturer- they were ordered wrong and I didn't catch it.  Fortunately, we have already figured out what stain we need to match and already have it.  We knew that we would need to be staining matching trim work so it isn't a disaster.  Not ideal but not a disaster.
Otherwise, it was a long day but they are all up.
Tomorrow, we will finish framing the island and bring in the counter top for that.  And, I will begin tiling.  THAT is when I get busy.  V did most of the heavy work for cabinet installation. The rest of us were lifters and toters but he did most of the work.  Tiling is my thing.  He will help by cutting the tiles but I'm the one who lays them and will do the grout.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.  Maybe I'll go put a few things into cabinets.....  Oooo...
I just hope they don't fall off the walls!


  1. O my goodness; the kitchen is looking fabulous! You all should be very proud of yourselves and what you have accomplished.

  2. Oh wow, you all did an amazing job. And so fast! I am so impressed!

  3. It always amazes me how us homeowners can get our kitchens together so quickly and beautifully while the highly paid contractors will take a month or more! Nice job!

  4. Oh they are beautiful...I am so happy for you...You got it done real fast... Why does it take contractors so long?? You will enjoy canning and baking this year.. Way to go..Have a great day..Lisa

  5. OOOOH WOW!! What a difference a few days make!! the cabinets are just GREAT! love the baking center!
    Am liking you kept all the cabinets up top! Great storage! It's looking just super duper!! Can't wait to see the floor! ...debbie Happy ST Patricks Day!!

  6. They are gorgeous!!! All your hard work is definitely paying off :) BTW you are the winner of the last drawing for the perennial plant book...the first name drawn never showed! Congrats!!!

  7. The cabinets and counter top look really beautiful. I'm always amazed at how much energy you have and all that you do. Can't wait to see the tile.


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