Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A quick update

No photos today, I didn't take many and haven't downloaded them yet.
Today progress was made but it wasn't really apparent and was frustratingly slow.  It was a plumbing day and involved three trips to the home improvement store.  But, the new sink is installed, holes drilled for the faucet and faucet installed.  Unfortunately, I'm disappointed.  We got one with a spray nozzle and it isn't working properly. Grrr...
The main counters are pieced together and installed.  The island has been mapped out and the base cabinet is in place.  I picked up the drawer and door pulls today.  The boxes of floor tile have been brought in and lined up in the basement so they can warm up.  Oh, and I took J16  on a quick trip shopping for jeans since she has only one pair left that aren't ripped to shreds.
I also, unfortunately, went off on the children a bit.  Oops...  But after we had been messing around with the plumbing for a while- unsuccessfully, I came out into the living room where the boys were playing video games and J16 was using my laptop to chat with her friends on Facebook only to find that dinner dishes were still on the table and a general mess all around.  We have such limited space right now that we can't afford to leave it messy.
Tomorrow we will finish the sink drain- With the new sink, the old drain isn't fitting back in and we need some parts. And, we will begin hanging the wall cabinets.  THEN, it will start to really come together.


  1. I replaced the sink faucet in my house shortly after moving in eight years ago with one of those with a sprayer built into the faucet. I did it again a couple years later and again a couple years later. They just never last and the last one was one of the most expensive ones at the home improvement box store. I just gave up and went with the old fashioned kind with separate spray nozzle and it has been working find for the last four years.

  2. It is really looking good! HOpe it continues to go well for you:)

  3. Work in Progress...get those dishes done kids!! Sounds like you had a busy day!!You two are moving right along though!! ...debbie

  4. Just wait until it is all finished. All the aggravation is worth it. I think it'll look great and a little aggravation is worth years of enjoyment.

    I also know what it's like to work on things; something always doesn't work right or you have the wrong thing or not enough of the right thing. Anyway, good luck on the new kitchen and enjoy.


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